Releasing My Critical Voice

As you become more aware of yourself, perhaps begin a spiritual journey, you will become aware of your critical voice.

You’ll become aware of the negative self-talk and how this voice supports thoughts, feelings, and beliefs which are no longer helpful.

The practice of affirmations is the most powerful choice to combat, release, and banish all of the negative back talk.

Affirmations fill the void with positive energy and point you in the right direction.

By repeating an Affirmations out loud daily, the critical voice is countered with the balanced truth of new thoughts and ideas.

An Affirmation voices personal truth and begins to shift the contents of mind away from the erroneous notions of the critical voice.

As the critical voice quiets, the balanced voice of heart and mind begin to have room to guide and support healing and learning.

This positive atmosphere shifts all levels of awareness and counters the unconscious aspects of the critical voice.

Affirmations are not a magic pill which make everything perfect immediately.

Your critical voice has been working your entire life so some time and effort on your part is required.

However, with some consistency, you will begin to notice change within.

Life will feel lighter and your outlook will shift to a much deeper sense of clarity and understanding.

I find clarity by releasing my critical voice.

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