A Message from The Ancestors

We are The Ancestors of the Planet Earth, we are The Ancestors of all universal form.? We come forward to bring you a message for each of you as you begin a new solar year.

Hear us when we say that the damage you do yourselves has mostly to do with a lack of understanding of balance.? When you move without balance you respond within false assumptions and limited expectations.

Your primary focus for a successful and prosperous New Solar Year is to begin to understand the concept of balance between your physical and spiritual aspects within the amazing flow of All That Is.

Out of balance, you move within what you expect.? In balance, you receive within the infinite possibility of All That Is.

The good news is that you are naturally in Balance.? What you have is the habit to move yourself out of balance.? So the question is not “How to find balance?” because Balance Is.? The question is how to remain in balance rather than habitually moving out of Balance.

At the first level, the basic level of understanding, Balance is disrupted by following blindly assumptions and expectations, following what served you yesterday, but does not serve you today.

Ask yourself:

“What do I assume about myself that no longer serves me?”

“What do I expect about myself or my world which limits me in this moment?”

The answers to these questions show you where and how you move out of balance.? Pay attention when you ask, because the answer may not come in words — perhaps a shift in your body or a memory of a past moment hold your answers.? Also know that it may take some of your time to have answers come forward.? Ask and then give attention your awareness.? Answers will come if you do not hold any expectations or assumptions about how, when or where.? Hearing without expectations or assumptions will give you practice in learning to let go other expectations or assumptions which interfere with your balance.

As Ancestors, we too have struggled with Balance.? We are of highest potential and most exquisite form because we no longer develop or hold expectations and assumptions.? We hold for you the promise that you will learn to maintain your balance.

Let go expectation.? Let go assumption.

In love and light we are complete.

In Joy!


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