/A Perfectly Balanced Equation

Perfectly Balance Equation

A perfectly balanced equation
We two
Parameters shifting
Balance altering
within and between.
Activating change,
Always seeking balance.
Both plus and minus,
multiplied, sometimes divided.
Always striving toward balance.
A rhythm, a tune.
A perfectly balanced equation.

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Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in and beyond the Akashic Records, is the author of several award-winning books on the Akashic Records and the spiritual journey, and offers the most intensive path of learning in the Akashic Records called the Sage Path. With more than 20 years of experience with the Akashic Records, Cheryl offers a profound perspective which elegantly describes the spiritual energy dynamics of the Akashic Records as the soul's spiritual practice. Cheryl works with clients and students around the world and is highly regarded for her clarity, integrity and compassion.