The Release of Relief by Cheryl Marlene

The Release of Relief

Two months ago, I had a three-hour conversation with my daughter which significantly changed both of our lives. Move. We decided to move. Not down the block. Or across town. Nope. Our choice was halfway across the country. From Oregon to Oklahoma. We agreed to work toward being in a new location by the end …

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My Mom and the Significance of Leap Day by Cheryl Marlene

My Mom and the Significance of Leap Day

I am very happy with the fact that most people can’t tell my age correctly. Most are off by at least ten years and often fifteen. Especially when they might realize that my hair is not colored and I’ve had no surgical adjustments. I have put much effort into keeping myself healthy especially in the …

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Bubbles of Ecstasy: My Mother's Passing by Cheryl Marlene

Bubbles of Ecstasy: My Mother’s Passing

I wrote this article, Bubbles of Ecstasy: My Mother’s Passing, to help me process and with the hope that my story might help someone else with their own experience of passing, and of grief, and of bubbles, Life’s defining moments come from the unknown, sailing past expectations, catching one unaware, in awe. Out of time …

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This Womb by Cheryl Marlene

This Womb

This womb has given birth to babies and more. More life.  More love.  More trust … much more. This womb, my womb, holds the center of my being and my loving. Its radiating heat has fueled my abilities both heart and mind, body and soul. My womb has been here through thick and thin and …

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Dear Moma by Cheryl Marlene

Dear Moma!

Dear Moma! I love you! It’s been twenty years since you passed, but I have missed you every day that you have been gone! Though there are many times I feel you with me especially in song. Every day I think of something I would like to ask you. And I think how you might …

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Flora and Jasper by Cheryl Marlene

Flora and Jasper

Recently I have been on a mission to catalog all of my writing. The goal is moving toward more flexibility in how I write and create and to yield a more bountiful offering in my publishing venues.  This mission, so far, has had several unexpected consequences. First, I have been amazed. I have created quite …

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Dirty, Dusty, and Drained

It’s been a month since my feet have hit a trail. A month filled with shift. A month that seemed to move a mountain within me. A month ago, I hit a wall, especially where hiking was concerned. When hard stuff happens, pushing through, almost as if nothing had happened, is a common way to …

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All But Defiance by Cheryl Marlene

Defiance to Failure: All but Defiance

A year ago, I took on a challenge: ten training hikes of continually more intensive distance and mileage in preparation for the last hike. Number ten, the highest point in the Columbia Gorge and considered the hardest hike in the Gorge, was/is Mount Defiance. Ten miles round trip and 5000 feet of elevation gain. I …

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Tamawanas Falls

Saved by Determination

There are moments in life which are unforgettable because you witness a family member or friend achieve a milestone. There are other moments which are unforgettable because you yourself achieve a milestone. I’m not sure exactly how to describe the milestone, but yesterday I had an amazing, unforgettable moment. Before I get on with it, …

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Eagle’s Nest

Prism light casts fairy light Across the wall In the dance I feel soul touch soul And I am ready to meet tomorrow’s dawn   Today’s light has revealed treasure Which now gathers in my heart. Surf beat and wind caress Fill me with awareness and Love for a powerful new self.   Sunbeam lights …

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Headshot of Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records

I am Cheryl Marlene

I am Cheryl Marlene! Sometimes the simple shifts in life bring the most profound change. This was the case for me with my name. During divorce, it was the huge task of shifting all my published books into a new name which held me back from a name change. But as time wore on, I …

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My Heart Shift of Loneliness

There are moments when the feeling of being alone reaches down into the tail end of my spine with a soreness of too much exertion. I take a long, slow, deep breath to calm my BEing. But before I can respond the sensation hits my heart and single tears trace paths down my cheeks. In …

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Manzanita Beach from Neahkanie

Defiance at the Crossroads

  One word: Construction. After four months of training, hiking, sweating, hurting and learning towards one goal, the journey up Mt. Defiance came to an abrupt halt. Delayed construction at the trail head reversed the Oregon Department of Transportation’s decision to keep trail heads open on weekends. With no way to get going, five days …

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HIking is Heaven by Cheryl Marlene

Hiking Is Heaven

Hiking is Heaven! The beginning, somewhat at odds with the rest of the day, is a concrete parking structure, third floor on the left. We all assemble with excited anticipation. A few known to each other but mostly all strangers, newly assembled with the goal of enjoying a hike. For me, I have joined other …

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Cheryl Marlene

Seven Things You Might Not Know about Cheryl

Here are seven things you might not know about Cheryl! I love reading urban fantasy! Why? Well, it’s a great diversion from the seriousness of my work. Helps me relax at night. Plus I love the strong female characters that are in many of the series I read. My favorite authors include Ilona Andrews, Patrick …

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Defiance to Failure #2: Small Steps

It would be easy to say that what happened today was coincidence. Meaning that there was simply chance or happenstance involved. A fluke. Instead I believe today was one of synchronicity. For me this means that why it appears that there are no causal links, connections across multiple levels stared me in the face. I couldn?t ignore any of it. For the me the difference between coincidence and synchronicity is that a catalyst is present in the second and not so much in the first. Coincidence happens without intention or pre-planning. Synchronicity is an alignment ignited or sparked by the flow of energy within a situation, often between the folks involved.

Defiance to Failure

Several weeks ago, I participated in the second of 10 training hikes designed to prepare for the highest climb in the Columbia Gorge. At 11 miles in length and almost 5000 feet of elevation gain, Mount Defiance poses a sizeable challenge to most hikers and thus the plan of training hikes to build the endurance …

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Into the Mystic

Into the Mystic: hiking reveals truths about our need to be capable and in control, and how it takes strength to rely on our friends. I am the oldest child of an oldest child. Raised to be strong, independent, self-reliant, thoughtful, and always looking out for others. The needs of those younger and less capable …

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Road Friends

There are some things you figure out early about yourself and others take a while to work out. I know, as I look back, in high school I felt separated from, a little different than my friends and fellow students. At the time I couldn’t pinpoint the source and often felt the tug to figure …

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Akashic Records

Strong and Smart

A woman fully in the strength of her being is beauty incarnate. She dances with grace. She smiles easily and playfully. She moves in quiet, intentional movement, freely. She acknowledges her challenges and lives with heart. Her life exists in peace, in vulnerability, and in balance. She learns, grows and expands within the amazing infinity …

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