The Choice of Fear by Cheryl Marlene

The Choice of Fear

The Choice of Fear: From the shared wisdom of the Akashic Records, I am struck by how many separate topics are joined by a common instigator.

The Energy of Manipulation by Cheryl Marlene

The Energy of Manipulation

What is the Energy of Manipulation? This article is an exploration into the energy of manipulation including its use as exploitation and the inherent threat of violence often utilized. More importantly, are several easy-to-understand to not engage and maintain your personal sense of control and power.

Fear and Complacency by Cheryl Marlene

Fear and Complacency

Working with the Akashic Records, I ask this question: In this moment, What Is? I received a message about fear and complacency diverting conscious awareness into a space of powerlessness. The message offers a simple, thoughtful response to regain power and live within conscious response.

Hesitation of Capacity by Cheryl Marlene

Hesitation of Capacity

Hesitation of Capacity isn’t about fear of failure — rather self-doubt over personal ability to deal with the unknown. Recently I have been thinking about failure. What it takes to fail — or at least feel like you are going to fail? I realize my hesitation isn’t really about failure. My hesitation is over capacity. …

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What are Mindful Moments? by Cheryl Marlene

What are Mindful Moments?

What are Mindful Moments? For me, a mindful moment is that moment when I take a breath while also becoming aware of whatever is at the edge of my awareness. I observe. I give attention. I let whatever is just at the surface bubble up. I pay attention to my mind and also my body. …

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Commitment to Connection by Cheryl Marlene

Commitment to Connection

So, hmmm …. this has been a helluva emotional day for me and in my awareness has been a focus on a commitment to connection. This morning, sitting side by side, my daughter and I watched the first woman be sworn in as Vice-President of the United States. We watched the wonder of Amy K, …

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Assist versus Help by Cheryl Marlene

Don’t Help Instead Assist

Here’s a question for you: What’s the difference between assisting someone and helping someone? I’ve been thinking on this a bit and here’s what I’ve come up with. Help: I’m doing something for someone that I think they need: Assist: I’m doing something for someone because I was asked by that someone. In other words, …

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They Gather Me Up by Cheryl Marlene

They Gather Me Up

They gather me upThese treesThey gather me upTo mend my woundsAnd restore the depth of my soulTo the balance of me. They gather me upRoots and branchesTops and tipsBending to match the heightOf my heart in their presence. They gather meAs a prayer to the windAnd absolution to the soilAnd the moments of GraceWhich I …

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Resistance as Course Correction by Cheryl Marlene

Resistance as Course Correction

Today I have been thinking about how resistance is course correction. When I ran into resistance, I used to think I had done something wrong. That I had missed the turn. That if I had been paying better attention I would have gotten it “right.” Resistance felt like failure. However, thinking of resistance as course …

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I Am a Work in Progress by Cheryl Marlene

I Am a Work in Progress

I am a Work in Progress explores the process of the inner landscape and how one can step through the ups and downs of personal growth. Today I feel myself dealing with my sense of status quo, what’s “normal” or “average” and feeling like I don’t want to be bound by any of it. Nothing …

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My Body is the Beauty of Experience by Cheryl Marlene

My Body is the Beauty of Experience

I had a major epiphany last night. The kind of major awareness that caught my breath as tears rolled down my face. A moment where all else froze and I literally felt a huge shift within me, gears rotating into place, thoughts lining up, the unneeded quickly ushered out of my heart’s door, the wisdom …

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The Up Choice at the Crossroads by Cheryl Marlene

The Up Choice at the Crossroads

At a crossroads, choice seems apparent: left, right, straight. Sometimes life is that clear-cut. At the crossroads, feel into your truth, choose, and allow your life to move on. However, there are moments where no matter the logic of the moment nor the feeling in your gut, nothing helps you discern your truthful choice. The …

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Soul Perspective of Energy by Cheryl Marlene

Soul Perspective of Energy

What can we learn from the soul perspective of energy? When energy is viewed from the perspective of the soul, the flow of energy can be seen a very new and different light. Chakras and meridians provide a great view from the body’s point of view. Stepping into the soul shifts the perspective from the …

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Getting to Safety by Cheryl Marlene

Getting to Safety

Leaning into uncertainty . . . I’ve done this in one way or another my entire life. Sometimes not just a lean. More like a leap. Other times, a shrinking back. Still others, an attempt at denial. Without getting into details, in my earliest childhood I experienced several traumatic episodes. Worse than bad. Not as …

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Party of One by Cheryl Marlene

Party of One

I’ve done something really huge for myself. I’ve put me first. Usually, I defer to other, giving them the benefit of the doubt. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t seek to understand. No. I’m saying that my default position is to give up on what I want in the face of trouble on the other …

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Learn Always, Connect Openly by Cheryl Marlene

Learn Always, Connect Openly

My office is in my home and my home is a one-bedroom apartment. I’ve worked from home for more than 15 years and have trained myself to truly work. I’ve learned habits to help me accomplish my professional goals and I’ve learned to let go of house chores which can easily keep me from getting …

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The Hope of Choosing Me Over Grief by Cheryl Marlene

The Hope of Choosing Me Over Grief

The Hope of Choosing Me Over Grief reflects my innter exploration in the moment of feeling both hope and grief. I am in grief, feeling a sorrow over something which has yet to be and most likely will not be. Layers are falling away, layers of hope unfulfilled. Hope that perhaps…maybe…and now will not be. Not …

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On Love by Cheryl Marlene

On Love

My mind and my heart have been full of thoughts and feelings of love.  How I love myself and how I love others . . . a beautiful journey filled with the pain both of surrender and merging, autonomy and solitude.  This morning, I thought of the following words which dig deep into the wings …

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