Goddess Emerging by Cheryl Marlene

Goddess Emerging

Goddess Emerging is one of many articles I have written about sacred relationship. Here I explore how I become aware of who I am and who I can become by being aware of my sacred relationship with myself.

What is Sacred Relationship? by Cheryl Marlene

What is Sacred Relationship?

What is Sacred Relationship? This is how I define sacred relationship: Engaging in relationship within the empowering, authentic integration of body, mind, heart, and soul. Several years ago, after pulling myself out of the insanity of divorce, I reclaimed my sanity by intentionally choosing a path forward. My first choice had to do with transforming …

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The Relief of Prince Charming by Cheryl Marlene

The Relief of Prince Charming

When I was 12, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew instinctively what I wanted: Prince Charming on his white steed whisking me away. This response always got a laugh. Now when I think of my reply, as a grownup, I instinctively get what I didn’t understand then. I …

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Letting Go of Scraps by Cheryl Marlene

Letting Go of Scraps

I’m letting go of scraps. Which is also to say that I’m letting go of making do. When I don’t believe that I can receive what I want, then I make do with whatever little bit is offered — even if that little bit is not what makes my heart sing. For me relationship is …

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Touched by Cheryl Marlene


I sit on the sofa’s edge, rigid, hands on knees, feeling lost to myself. He sits beside me, carefully reaching out his left hand and resting it gently on my shoulder. I flinch, the touch breaking my resolve to feel nothing. Though I do feel myself still braced, defending, holding back. Not allowing myself to …

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Choose You by Cheryl Marlene

Choose You

You can’t choose me until you choose you.  That’s what stands before you: you.  And choice. To be at choice with me requires that you choose you. I see the hesitation born from a life time of conciliatory gestures which have slowly killed you within the intimacy of the sacred relationship which you should have …

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Building Prince Charming by Cheryl Marlene

Building Prince Charming

As a writer, sometimes I write to entertain myself and have fun. The following piece is just simple fun. Enjoy! Once upon a time there was little girl who was very happy. She loved chasing butterflies, splashing in puddles in her rain boots, and blowing dandelions. But more than anything she loved sitting in her …

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Somewhere by Cheryl Marlene


Somewhere out in the world you are there I feel your movement I feel your smile Directed toward the people in your life Your friends, your family, your clients. One day your there will be my here I feel your pull I feel your desire Directed towards the me you do not yet know But …

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No Give, No Take by Cheryl Marlene

No Give, No Take

No Give, No Take explore an aspect of sacred relationship about loosing self just to have connection. I’m done with takers. No more! I’m done especially with men who do nothing more than take from me. I know most of them have no idea the extent of their taking caught as they are in the …

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What is Safe Harbor by Cheryl Marlene

What is Safe Harbor?

What is Safe Harbor? :Deep within me is the need to seek sacred relationship. This is relationship with myself and this is relationship with other, especially but not limited to a life partner. In sacred relationship, I seek a sense of alignment, a sense of coming home. In short I seek safe harbor. The place …

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Learning Unconditional Love by Cheryl Marlene

Learning Unconditional Love

Learning Unconditional Love isn’t a one way street — it begins with you and your ability to love you! I don’t think I have ever experienced unconditional love. That’s not to say that my parents and grandparents didn’t love me. They did despite my flaws and flaunts and disrespect. It is from them I know …

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This Love Thing A Conclusion by Cheryl Marlene

This Love Thing: A Conclusion

The following is the conclusion of this story:  This Love Thing In the months after my divorce, my heart felt closed and bruised. I wondered if I would ever be able to feel love or express love again. I wondered about my capacity for vulnerability. I wondered and I worried. Over the months and years …

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This Love Thing by Cheryl Marlelne

This Love Thing

In my twenties, I thought I had this love thing understood. However, three years ago, after divorce, I started dating for the first time in 25 years and got that I had misunderstood. Then, two years ago after an intense personal learning period brought on by the dating, I again thought I had this meet-the-love-of-my-life …

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My Heart Shift of Loneliness by Cheryl Marlene

My Heart Shift of Loneliness

There are moments when the feeling of being alone reaches down into the tail end of my spine with a soreness of too much exertion. I take a long, slow, deep breath to calm my BEing. But before I can respond the sensation hits my heart and single tears trace paths down my cheeks. In …

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Brick Wall by Cheryl Marlene

Brick Wall

Brick Wall is a bit of rant — if I’m honest. I try to be honest with myself and sometimes I gotta say it out loud to make it real. I feel like I keep hitting my head on a brick wall. I show up. I smile, I lean in. I ask questions. I listen. …

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Soulmates by Cheryl Marlene


Soulmates are more than romantic connection — there are two different types: transformational and transmutational. Soulmate is a term which denotes an acquaintance made at the soul level between two people often in a romantic sense. While it is true that this experience is often between lovers, at a deeper level the connection is one …

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Open Door

Open Door: every now and then my muse pushes me poetically — much as what happened when I penned this piece. I know the taste of your lips.I know the touch of your fingers.I know but don’t quite know howBecause in this life we have never touched. I can feel the strength of your armsAnd …

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When Men Are Pigs

When men are pigs, what choice do women have? There are many choices including oinking back. For me, I know that often my choice has been to let go of myself so that I can keep some semblance of a man/pig in my life and doing so without acknowledging or confronting the lousy choice I just made for me.

God to My Goddess a poem by Cheryl Marlene

God to My Goddess

God to My Goddess is one of a series of poems that I have written about sacred relationship. There is a give and take which is important within authentic connection between lovers. We anticipate our best at the same time we consider our worth and our ability to show up as the partner we hope …

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