Commitment and the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Commitment and the Akashic Records

Instead of circling, I need to step in, commit, and give connection my best shot with all of me present, willing, and open. Stepping in is commitment. Stepping in is not just a big toe in the water; stepping in is commitment to the flow of your river of life. Say a wholehearted, Yes! Give …

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Playing Small and the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Playing Small and the Akashic Records

On the other end of the spectrum from arrogance is playing small. Rather than an issue of superiority, playing small is the pretense of inferiority based on a perception of unworthiness. The feeling is expressed as, “I am not good enough and am less than what is valued.” This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, …

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I am at Peace by Cheryl Marlene

I am at Peace

I am at Peace is an affirmation that I turn to frequently — especially when I find myself dealing with the unknown and the unexpected. The unknown is inescapable. Part of life. Part of every moment of experience. The choice in how to respond to the inevitable is yours – always. When the unknown makes …

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Soul Perspective of Energy by Cheryl Marlene

Soul Perspective of Energy

What can we learn from the soul perspective of energy? When energy is viewed from the perspective of the soul, the flow of energy can be seen a very new and different light. Chakras and meridians provide a great view from the body’s point of view. Stepping into the soul shifts the perspective from the …

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Create the Career You Love by Cheryl Marlene

Create the Career You Love

Create the career you love: begin with you! One of the most popular reasons for an Akashic Record Reading is assistance in finding a job or a new career. A common inquiry goes something like this: I’m looking for a job.I don’t know where I fit in and I’m not sure what I want.What I …

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Thankful for Connection By Cheryl Marlene

Thankful for Connection

Got a question for you! Who in your life are you thankful for? Because of my work, I meet and connect with lots of people in a day, a week, a month, a year. Lots of these folks I meet once and never again. But no matter, I am very thankful for that moment of …

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My Nine by Cheryl Marlene

My Nine

What’s important in your life? I like to ask myself questions to focus on my life’s direction and to help me understand within a broad view and a closer look. To do this I have created what I call My Nine. I choose three related questions. In asking the questions, I brainstorm a bit and …

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Life Unfettered by Cheryl Marlene

Life Unfettered

Whenever I begin writing, I always investigate the etymology of any focus words which are part of my story. Fetter. A chain or manacle especially for the feet. Unfettered. Literally to be released from the binding of the chain or manacle. Life unfettered. A life lived free from restraint or inhibition. To fierce self-care, I …

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Life Purpose by Cheryl Marlene

Life Purpose

Life is the journey of experience lived moment to moment. Life purpose is not something I am told. Life purpose is discovery and experience of my life in this moment.   Like soul purpose, life purpose is an incredible expression of the depth and breadth of who I am as a manifested being. This is …

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Fierce Self Care by Cheryl Marlene

Fierce Self-Care

Fierce Self-care. This is my focus for 2019. Not because I’m just learning to take care of myself. This is my focus because I want to acknowledge all my hard work over the last seven years. I want to give myself incentive to not give up or back away. Maybe you know a bit about …

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Gratitude for Connection not Perfection by Cheryl Marlene

Gratitude for Connection Not Perfection

As the year draws to a close, time to turn my attention towards the new year. I am beginning by first taking an attitude of gratitude to my life this past year. Thinking about what I’ve done, where I’ve traveled, friends and events along the way, I want to first remember and then I want …

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Avoid the Should of Life Purpose by Cheryl Marlene

Avoid the Shoulds of Life Purpose

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about life purpose. It’s one of the main questions constantly raised in an Akashic Record Reading. When this question is asked, what I find interesting is that the response is never what is expected, but for most folks, is exactly what they need. If I boil down the difference, …

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Be Joy by Cheryl Marlene

Be Joy

In each moment, be joy and the peace of you. Joy is Hell, YES! Joy is overwhelming alignment. Joy is quiet because there is no struggle. Joy is balanced with the motion of this moment. Joy is felt body, mind, heart, and soul. Joy is you. Joy in your being. Joy illuminating your becoming. Be …

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The Secret of Letting Go of Stuff by Cheryl Marlene

The Secret of Letting Go of Stuff

A month ago, I gave up my garage. I have had a garage since I moved out 6 years ago. Over this period, I have whittled away at the stuff, letting go, slimming down. Three months ago, I changed garages and got rid of over half of the junk that had piled and, strangely, not …

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Despite the unknown, I can trust myself. by Cheryl Marlene

Despite the unknown, I can trust myself.

When trust is difficult, you will feel it necessary to try to anticipate or determine the future. In the effort to know, you will let go of this moment and push into the future, trying to get the future to give up her secrets. However, in this moment, the future exists in the unknown. The …

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Setting Intention as Spiritual Practice by Cheryl Marlene

Setting Intention as Spiritual Practice

All spiritual practice moves from and is supported by intention. This practice is a simple way to help yourself identify intention for yourself and your life. Following these steps is also a great way to take inventory of where you feel you are, what you want to let go, and where you would like to …

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Ego Mistake by Cheryl Marlene

Ego Mistake

  Our ignorance comes from associating our true Self, our atman, with our individual mind-body psyche, our jiva-atman. In other words, we mistake our ego for the ultimate reality of Self. From The New Akashic Records, Strand 58 This article is part of the articles I have written on the personal aspects of growth through …

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Blessing: As an Instrument of Light by Cheryl Marlene

Blessing: As an Instrument of Light

I am an instrument of light. My soul’s resonance sends light into the universe for the goodness of all humankind. May my light bring healing and void hate. May my light energize the universal network, leaving a blanket of light and love. I am a vessel, a vessel of light. Illuminated by clear intention, genuine …

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Akashic Records Soul's Spiritual Practice Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Records: Soul’s Spiritual Practice

Is the Akashic Record Reading the best way to keep balance of self, and how is this different from other energy healing modalities? An Akashic Record Reading is a great way to find support and release.  It’s not the only way and it’s not the only support I seek for myself.  And it is the …

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What Wonderful Will Show Up For You by Cheryl Marlene

What Wonderful Will Show Up For You?

Recently, I have been looking under my hood at the rumblings I hear when my mind thinks I’m otherwise occupied. I’m happy to report that everything seems to be in good working order. No ugly, leaky parts. Connections tight and loose as appropriate. Looks like the nightly hot tub jaunts are paying off and keeping …

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