The Journey, Not the Destination by Cheryl Marlene.

The Journey, Not the Destination

When I was in high school, I had lots of posters hanging on my bedroom wall  — it was the thing in the 70’s! My favorite had a picture of road running into the horizon at sunset with the Lao Tzu saying, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  A concept that I have kept …

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Morning Ritual by Cheryl Marlene

Morning Ritual

Upon rising, maybe while still in bed, or as you begin your morning routine, complete these four sentences: I am thankful for ….. I am looking forward to ….. I am ready to let go of ….. Today I will …..  

The Spiritual Art of Observation by Cheryl Marlene

The Spiritual Art of Observation

Perhaps a simple concept:  Observation.  Learning to just observe can be quite a challenge. Though the act of observation underlies almost all significant spiritual practice. So simple yet very challenging. What is Observation? Observation is looking at a situation either within or in the circumstances around. Observation is giving attention to, taking in the awareness …

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Look Inside by Cheryl Marlene

Look Inside

There exists within the human heart the deep need to understand and find meaning. Arising from birth, searching for answers, clarity and supportive perception. Feeling a deep yearning which sometimes is muffled by pain, denial, and judgment. Experiencing broken connection, loneliness and abandonment. Alone in the universe, feeling separated from all, despairing of ever finding …

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Nuance of Change, Shift Happens by Cheryl Marlene

In the Nuance of Change, Shift Happens

I must confess that I have trouble letting go of the demand to know exactly where I am headed. I have realized recently, once again, that I am dealing in the world I call Nuance of Change. Maybe you know this place?  For me, it’s where change and shift in my life doesn’t happen in …

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What is a Witness within the Akashic Records?

  Within the Akashic Records, it is hugely important to understand that the Reader does not bring his or her opinion to the Reading for Other.  In fact, this is not to be tolerated within any energy work.  The flow of the interaction is to hold sacred space for the Other so that whatever truth …

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What is Change?

What is Change? Change is an energetic shift which engages our awareness and our choice. Let’s take a look at the process from the perspective of spiritual energy dynamics. How energy works. Everything is energy.  All energy is continuously flowing along a continuum with potential at one end and solid form at the other.  As …

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What is Anger by Cheryl Marlene

What is Anger?

Energetically the flow of Anger has many sources. Generally, anger is a flood of the nervous system generated by the Critical Voice and Ego within the heat of judgment. In a sense, anger is a system overload of judgment. Judgment is a condemnation and a stepping away from love’s attention, a refusal to see or …

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God is Present by Cheryl Marlene

God is Present

I am someone who does not believe in the idea that one MUST exclusively claim Jesus as savior to be able to learn and grow from the example and possibility of Jesus. I see Jesus in the face of many, past and present. I witness the divine presence of God in ALL. Whatever faith is …

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Change is Breakthrough

Change is hard to tolerate in life. We get used to the flow of our lives. And when something shifts, changes, is different, we have to stop and adjust. When the change is particularly challenging, the process will seem a push to come apart, to breakdown. This feeling of breakdown comes in the fear of …

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I Create Connection by Cheryl Marlene

I Create Connection

Life is all about the connections you create within yourself and with all which exists beyond you. Connections happen across every aspect of life, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Connection is relationship. Connection freely extended increases your ability to receive from others. This affirmation invokes intention for boundless, unlimited connection which supports the best you …

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The Book of Life, the Akasha, and the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene

Book of Life, the Akasha, and the Akashic Records

The Book of Life sets up an example of a personal and direct relationship with the divine. The Akasha presents the idea of an energetic conduit for direct contact with the divine. Our awareness of the Akashic Records moves from the outward-oriented experience of yesterday to today’s direct and inner spiritual connection with our own …

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What is Mastery as Spiritual Practice by Cheryl Marlene

What is Mastery as Spiritual Practice?

Mastery is an inner spiritual process which begins inside of self. When the spiritual journey begins truth is sought outside of self from teachers and voices of authority. This is not necessarily a bad choice. Listening to the experience of others is very helpful in learning to hear the truth of self. The challenge comes …

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The Origin of Love by Cheryl Marlene

The Origin of Love

When the soul first has awareness that it is a soul, that ‘I AM’ experience, the soul takes in an awareness that All That Is exists. In the same moment that the soul takes in the awareness of All That Is, All That Is takes in an awareness of all that the soul is and …

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Blessing to Begin by Cheryl Marlene

Blessing to Begin

Blessing to Begin I come to understand and embrace my journey.  As best as I am able, I clear my body. I clear my mind. I clear my heart. Letting go of whatever no longer serves me. I am here, now, ready to begin. For a deep dive, begin with What is Spiritual Practice?

Gratitude as Active Awareness by Cheryl Marlene

Gratitude as Active Awareness

To give thanks is an active process of awareness. Thankfulness comes from a feeling of connection. Taking a moment to acknowledge thankfulness helps establish awareness of connection. At one point in my journey, my Akashic Records defined gratitude as the active process of acknowledging the divine spark within ALL. When heart is open to joy, …

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In the Face of Fear, Your Choice Changes the World by Cheryl Marlene

In the Face of Fear, Your Choice Changes the World

Human experience over the last 5000 to 6000 years has been governed by the concept of fear. Power over is about dominance and usually about physical dominance and how that then engages with fear. Fear is either used as a way to dominate. Or fear is the outcome of the domination. The experience of being …

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Three Essential Steps of Reflection as Spiritual Practice by Cheryl Marlene

Three Essential Steps of Reflection as Spiritual Practice

The three essential steps of reflection are an important spiritual practice. As a spiritual practice, reflection and its essential steps are often skipped over or ignored in favor of meditation. Yet. it is both practical and essential — and indispensable. The focus of reflection is necessary to get to meditation and can often bring into …

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Are the Akashic Records of Hindu Origin by Cheryl Marlene

Are the Akashic Records of Hindu Origin?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest mention in the English language of Akasha, or Akashic, appears in Essays on the Religion and Philosophy of the Hindus, an 1837 book by Henry Thomas Colebrook. Colebrook, an Englishman, went to India in the early 1800s and worked as a judge within the British colonial legal …

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