Adventure in Truth

When we let ourselves see only what we expect to see,

we view the contents of our own minds and miss what is truly before us.

Takashi Matsuoka, Cloud of Sparrows

One of my main challenges in life is to go beyond what I expect.

I have found that when I take the extra moment to listen to my heart, I uncover my truth in the moment.

From truth I find the opening to see beyond my expectations and beyond my fears.

A skill that has taken a while to become second nature and there are certainly moments when I desert myself and cling to the comfort of the expected.

But it is also this struggling in the moment when I have the opportunity to go beyond where I am now, to expand my horizon of possibility, and create space for the unexpected.

The dynamics of energy moving always from potential to form carries me in the stream of truth and sometimes I find I am able to see this beautiful flow.

Truth is always larger than the “facts” and fear combined.

And in my heart, I feel truth open my view to what stands ready for me, here, now, before me.

Here’s to life and the adventure of truth in my heart!

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