Affirmation for Everything I Need

Affirmation for Everything I Need: this is the simple sentence which began me on the path of using affirmations to transform my life.

Everything I need moves towards me quickly and easily.

The Energy of this Affirmation

This affirmation begins with this idea that for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In other words, when you reach out to grab, the generated motion is actually a push away instead of a pull toward.

Often this means that right at the moment that you’d like for the motion of life to move to you, you can actually push away what is showing up for you.

But, as self opens to the infinite possibility of All That Is, the realization comes that you are always within the river of life and it is not about having to grab.

I think of life as a river which is always flowing toward me without me having to lift one single, solitary finger.

With this image in mind, everyday actions are about acceptance of the flow towards you.

Life is coming to you.

Flowing always in your direction.

When you open to your magnificent flow, you don’t need to go around making it all happen, grabbing after clouds.

Instead you are giving yourself a chance to be aware of this moment and what’s available right now.

And if, something is missing — it’s not that it’s not there — it’s that it is in the process of flowing to you on the river of your life.

Plus seeing that the flow is one of ease, the struggle drops away and you become focused on what you can do right now.

Thus, Everything I need moves toward me quickly and easily.

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