Affirmation of the Week #8 by Cheryl Marlene

Affirmation of the Week #8

I embrace my awesomeness with grace and ease.

The ancient roots of the word awe incorporated both fear and respect, honor and the unfathomable.

Self-awesomeness is the acknowledgment that self is motivated for self by honor and respect within the indescribable expression of All That Is.

I want to know and understand. In my knowing and understanding I learn that in any moment there is always something unknowable, beyond understanding.

Certainty is not possible.

Awesomeness does not expect 100% certainty.

Awesomeness accepts the inexplicable in this moment and takes the next step any way, with respect and honor, toward deeper truth and personal trust.

Releasing any doubt, I affirm:

I embrace my awesomeness with grace and ease.

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