Affirmation of the Week #11

I am amazing just as I am.

Amazement: overwhelming wonder.

There is so much in the world which is wonderful, astonishing, miraculous.

The pattern of the veins on a leaf, the number of grains of sand on the beach, the tiny toes and fingers of a new-born, sunrise seen from a mountain top, the sky’s colors at sunset.

What do I find amazing about my world?

What fills me with wonder?

What is miraculous in this moment?

I breathe this all in. I feel the wonder and the amazement within me.

I experience my wonder, the amazement of me – unique in all eternity, never before, never again – me!

Amazing me!

Today, I acknowledge joyfully:

I am amazing just as I am.


Affirmation of the Week #11 is from my book:

Affirmations Power Personal Transformation

One sentence to change your life!

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