Affirmation of the Week #29

I no longer hold back expressing my emotion.

Stuffed feelings and ignored emotion create pressure and tension within body, mind and heart.

This tension pushes for release and, left unattended, can develop into trauma and physical expression.

If negative emotion is not brought forward, feeling can begin to back up, resulting in numbness or a feeling of disconnection.

In small steps, I begin to express to myself how I feel.

I allow myself to bring emotion into the present moment by stating, “I feel XYZ.”

As I practice with emotion which doesn’t feel so potent, over time I will learn to acknowledge the bigger, more overwhelming emotions.

I don’t hold back.

I allow in small steps.

As I move forward, I affirm:

I no longer hold back expressing my emotion.

This affirmation is from my book:

Affirmations Power Personal Transformation

One sentence to change your life!

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