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Akashic Conversations by Cheryl Marlene
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Every first Saturday (except second Saturday in October) at 8am PDT or

Every Thursday at 11am PDT.

Registration is free to all and supported by Donations.

$20 per person suggested


In Akashic Conversations, the question comes from your consciousness and the answer from your soul which is divine. Listening / hearing your soul is not only listening to yourself, it’s also listening to everyone and everything. I AM ONE WITH ALL – That’s the feel.

P. B., Zambia
We wove a beautiful web of conversation that Cheryl facilitated and spirit directed.  Somehow what she answered for each of us applied to everyone.  I was moved to tears throughout.  It was a beautiful message that rang so true, and Cheryl attracts the most loving people. A wonderful way to experience the power and love of the Akashic Records! Cheryl you are amazing at what you do.
S. B., Gaston, Oregon
Akashic Conversations was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it fully. I was profoundly touched and felt so happy with the information coming through the Akashic Records. My body, mind and spirit was in complete joy and fulfillment. I have already shared with friends on how invigorating it was and the clear feeling of perspective I received by participating in Akashic Conversations, as a witness and bringing my question.
C. R., Eugene, Oregon

Are you concerned about your life, your challenges – and your dreams?

Are you struggling with the journey of your life and opening to your opportunities for growth and transformation?

Would you like to let go of whatever gets in your way and doesn’t serve the best of you?  – Like:

Your EBFJs: your expectations, blame, fear, and judgment?

Outdated beliefs and erroneous notions?

Unease, frustration, or exhaustion from the craziness?

A lack of self-trust, self-esteem, or self-truth?

In Akashic Conversations with me, you come with what you want to know and what you want to let go.

I will bring my best and the awesome support of the Akashic Records.

First, I offer some ideas to consider focused on the topic of the day.

Then you have the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns related to the topic based on what’s up in your life.

Together we’ll take a look at what will move us forward in life with grace and ease.

Together we can figure out what will help us all lighten our loads and create individual clarity.

Together we open our hearts to new possibility for powerful awareness, personal transformation, and spiritual enlightenment.

Akashic Conversations:

An Online Group Master Class —

because there’s no reason to go it alone!

When people come together in common purpose, transformational energy is amplified and the motivation within for shift and change expands, helping you to get over the hump, release what stands in your way, and find your next steps in life.

You don’t even need to ask a question because just being witness will provide the shift and release you need in the moment.

Often as folks embark on their spiritual journey, they feel alone within new feelings and powerful experiences that can be difficult to make sense of and to feel comfortable with.

In the newness, they often don’t feel safe in sharing with others because they are not sure who will understand.

The challenge is to find understanding, a sense of balance, and an ability to trust the truth emerging from within.

I understand this dilemma having worked through my own journey of solitary moments and traumatic events.

Plus I know that my journey is not done —  there’s much still to learn and experience.

Fellow travelers make a difference.

As a result, I have an amazing ability to handle whatever life hands out, shining a light on the fullness of human experience including: the tough, the raw, the unthinkable as well as opportunities, hopes, and dreams.

With Akashic Conversations, I offer a safe space to explore whatever you want to know and whatever you want to let go.

Together we laugh, we learn, and we love, finding within ourselves the best of who we can be and become.

Join us today!

Lighten your load.

Release blocks, fears, and judgments.

Open your heart to powerful transformation!

Akashic Conversations – because truly there is no reason to go it alone!

Akashic Conversations is open to all regardless of level of spiritual study or experience with the Akashic Records.

Akashic Conversations Schedule for 2020

I am suspending this program for the summer and hope to start back up in September!

Every first Saturday (except second Saturday in October) at 9am PDT or third Thursday at 11am PDT.

Held via Zoom — connect either by phone, tablet, or computer.

Registration is free to all and supported by Donations.

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Saturday Akashic Conversations

8am Pacific Time

Thursday Akashic Conversations

11am Pacific Time

In these blog posts are videos from recent Akashic Conversation master classes.