Akashic Future

Visionary Insight for Futuristic Leaders

in Business and Social Progress

Akashic Future with Cheryl Marlene

How would you feel more confident in the choices you make if you had a clearer sense of future possibility?

As a futurist, mystic, and spiritual guide in the Akashic Records, I offer visionary insight into the probabilities and possibilities of what might be for you both personally and within your business.

Utilizing advanced techniques for deep inquiry into the Akashic Records, I can guide you and your business through challenge and disruption, opportunity and visionary expansion.

You take this guidance and wisdom into your own processes of consideration and analysis to clearly define your next steps for yourself and your business.

The point is not to tell you what to do. That’s not what you need.

What you need is a way to hone your edge and clarify your vision and insight.

That’s what Akashic Future work with me does:

Brings tomorrow to you today so you have the insights you need to move forward with confidence and crystal-clear intention.

You are Your Business

You are Your Business

Because I mostly work with business owners, entrepreneurs, and leading-edge innovators, Akashic Future is focused both on business possibilities as well as the personal work needed to release blocks and out-dated beliefs standing in the way of your best tomorrow.

Not only are my clients involved in the effort of creative vision, more than likely there is some aspect of your endeavor in which you sincerely want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

The old way of business was separated from the clarity which comes within the integration of who you are and can become on all levels of expression. This old way tended to divide leaders from the inherent creative connection we all share.

The new path to personal and business success harnesses vision with probability, business acumen with universal guidance, and human goodness to help you move beyond what you thought possible.

Whether you are an award-winning six-figure author, a leading-edge entrepreneur guiding a multi-million dollar business, or a visionary leader within your industry, with the personalized process of Akashic Future, I can meet you where you are and guide you beyond imagination.

Akashic Future Insight Factors

These are the three primary elements I bring to Akashic Future work with you:

I am #1 Futuristic and in the top 1% of all Futuristics. If you know anything about the Gallup CliftonStrengths, then you might be aware of the term Futuristic. Let’s just say that my super power is looking into the future and perceiving possibility and consequence with agility and depth. I vibe the future — it’s second nature to me. It’s who I am.

I am also an Akashic Mystic, a global leader in spiritual consciousness, and the authority on the Akashic Records. I bring all I am body, mind, heart, and soul into standing Witness to your process and your path forward. I deal on a daily basis with the real, the raw, and the spectacular. Revelation. Resonance. Reality. Grounded in What Is. Open always to What Will Be.

I show up with Akashic Future Insight Factors: a focus and a framework for future analysis for you, your business, and your industry sector. Working with all that I am, 25 years of experience working with business and social leaders of all types, and a uniquely innovative connection with the Akashic Records and beyond, I have developed a set of Insight Factors which I use as the basis for our work together.

Explained in a more detail here, the factors include: Self-Progression, Universal Connection, Spiritual Engagement, Agreements & Legacies, Triad Engagement, Pop Culture & Social Awareness, Infrastructure, Health Assessment, Environmental & Climate, Geographical, Political, Financial, Competition, and Unexpected Future. (I also provide a weekly Akashic Future Insight Analysis using these factors through Akashic Mystic Library.)

Akashic Future is primarily done with me one-on-one!

Though I can also work with small leadership groups depending on your goals and intention.

Akashic Future Executive Consult

Akashic  Future Executive Consult with Cheryl Marlene

When you are ready to deep dive.

Push beyond.

Challenge your vision . . .

Then you are ready to take Akashic Future to the next level of executive engagement.

We meet via Zoom or by phone for 90 minutes.

Together with the Akashic Records, we explore you, your business, and your industry sector using the Akashic Future Insight Factors.

In the consultation, we also identify the primary blocks to your current biggest challenge and develop at least three do-now-for-success recommendations.

By the end of the session, you have a broad view of your business and immediately actionable steps to take both personally and professionally.

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Akashic Future Quick Response

Akashic Future Quick Response by Cheryl Marlene

What happens when your entire computer network crashes and your CTO hasn’t a clue why?

What happens when you know your marketing needs a complete and immediate makeover and your marketing department is churning out the same old?

What happens when you got a challenge and you can’t see into it, around it, or beyond it?

Quick Response is needed.

I gear up based on what’s required. When necessary, I’ll even assemble a specialized team of advanced Akashic Record experts who also have expertise in your industry.

Together, we find a path forward for you.

Beginning with an overview which answers key questions and provides a list of immediate action items, I (and my team) can be as involved as you need to move beyond whatever has happened.

Quick Response takes the lemons, finds the inherent golden goodness, and transmutes what first appeared as insurmountable into visionary, strategic action.

Akashic Future Quick Response begins with a focused 30-minute conversation via Zoom or phone where I open your Akashic Records and the Records of your business. Sometimes this is all it takes to find a quick solution. At other times, this conversation begins the creation of an action plan and what needs to happen to move to resolution.

Thus, depending on the nature of your issue, either you get an answer or you get an optional action plan.

Sometimes the action plan is something that you can ask me to do for you including either an Executive Consult, an Akashic Records Research Project, or a combination of both.

Sometimes the action plan is entirely for you to execute.

Much depends on context, challenge, and constraints.

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What’s possible within Akashic Future?

I have been working with business leaders, social pioneers, creative geniuses, and future-forward entrepreneurs from around the world for over 20 years.

The number one benefit they all remark upon is my ability to help them integrate the best of themselves with the best that their projects and business can be. This helps them find unexpected paths and beneficial steps they had never considered but which amplified their success.

Sometimes this is to lean into what is working. Sometimes this means stopping, turning around, and picking up a different path at the last Y in the road. Sometimes, this is recognizing that you are in the wrong forest and pivoting into a much better environment.

The Akashic Future Insight Factors individually provide specific information which answers questions and opens doors to unconsidered possibility. Taken together, the information from the Factors provides a multi-dimensional picture based on your strengths and the possibilities from visionary insight.

In the course of my work with many executives and visionary thinkers, I have witnessed the following:

A simple step to avoid what seemed like a destructive, expensive law suit.

Restoration of a broken computer network by finding the break within the Akashic Records of the network.

A series of steps, both personal and professional, to grow a business from a million to $10 million a year in three years.

Assessment of job candidates to assemble and expand the best team for a hugely successful business.

Definition of story arc and the main characters for a best-selling romance.

Restraint necessary to avoid a hefty government fine.

Identification of computer network sabotoge and responsible employees.

Release of personal blocks holding back business success.

Investigation of a cold case within the Akashic Records to find missing funds.

Development of new services and associated marketing steps for multi-million dollar business.

Akashic Records research in an industry sector for potential paths of development.

Suggestions to re-work the story line of what became a best-selling sci-fi fantasy.

Finding and assessing a safe path around ransomware.

Development of branding tag lines, best colors, and logo designs for multiple businesses.

Generally speaking, if you can ask the question, there will be a response that either formulates the best path to take or points you in the direction of creating the strategy yourself.

The most successful see me not as someone who holds your hand and does it for you.

The most successful see me as an oracle on the mountain with a unique perspective of future possibility and visionary insight.

I provide deep insight today to ignite your vision for tomorrow.

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Akashic Future Executive Consult with Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Future Executive Consult

For the futuristic leader in business and social progress.

Deep understanding of you, your business, and industry sector through the Akashic Future Insight Factors. Solutions for current challenges and do-now-for-success action steps.

90-minutes, $1499

Akashic Future Quick Response by Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Future Quick Response

When there is a sudden and immediate issue which demands a quick response.

This is a 30-minute inquiry/evaluation conversation which will either provide an answer or begin creating a plan of action.

30-minutes, $499

To feel ready for your Akashic Record Reading: Prepare For Your Reading