How would you feel more confident in the choices you make about your business if you had a clearer sense of future possibility?

What if you could look into the future of your industry and get an idea of the position of your business moving forward?

Utilizing fifteen powerful Insight Factors within an Akashic Record Reading for your business or project, Akashic Future provides visionary insight for futuristic leaders in business and social progress.

Akashic Future with Cheryl Marlene

How can the Akashic Future Insight Factors Benefit Your Business?

Based on over 25 years of working with a variety of businesses and clear direction from the Akashic Records, I have developed fifteen insight factors to use to look into the future of your business and your industry sector.

You choose:

  • The industry sector to be analyzed
  • The business(es) to connect to the analysis
  • The timeframe of analysis (2-24 months)

All analysis is both internal within the owner and business, and external with the world on three levels, local, global, and nonlocal.

I open your Akashic Records and the Akashic Records of your business. For each of the insight factors I ask:

What is the future in this area over the chosen timeframe for this business in this industry sector?

Akashic Future Insight Factors

  • Self-Progression is the status of the individual within the parameters of learning, growing, being, and becoming. 
  • Universal Connection – moving forward, a business unaware or ignoring universal connection will fail.
  • Spiritual Engagement: a view to the why and the creative expression of the business and the owner
  • Health Assessment: how the owner and business are healthy and vital, and how external medical and health factors affect the business 
  • Triad Engagement: Analysis of the three components of a business: ownership, employees, and customers.
  • Agreements and Legacies: the why of the organization
  • Pop Culture, Mass Consciousness, & Social Awareness
  • Political: how politics at any level influences or affects the business on all levels, local, global, and nonlocal.
  • Financial: influence of external financial markets as well as internal financial business management on all levels, local, global, and nonlocal.
  • Infrastructure:Evaluation of hard goods and business systems
  • Environmental & Climate: potential environment influence and impact
  • Geographical: local, global, and nonlocal impacts and interchange
  • Competition: internal competition within business industry as well as external competition factors.
  • Unexpected Future: the ability to ride the tides of the unexpected future developments across all possibility and all Insight Factors.
  • Top Three: Strengths, Challenges, Path to Success

Akashic Future is for both you and your business:

I mostly work with business owners, entrepreneurs, and leading-edge innovators.

That’s why Akashic Future is focused both on the possibilities of the business as well as on the personal work needed to release blocks and out-dated beliefs standing in the way of you and your business.

Most of my clients are involved in the effort of creative vision and sincerely want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

With the depth of this futuristic analysis, move into the future that works for you, your business, and the world you live in!

Akashic Future shows your path through global change into a new way of doing business.

The old way of business was separated from the clarity which comes within the integration of who you are and can become on all levels of expression.

This old way tended to divide leaders from the inherent creative connection we all share.

The new path to personal and business success harnesses vision with probability, business acumen with universal guidance, and human goodness to help you move beyond what you thought possible.

Akashic Future is the vision you need today for your best tomorrow.

Maybe you are an award-winning six-figure author.

Maybe you are a leading-edge entrepreneur guiding a multi-million dollar business,

Maybe you are a visionary leader within your industry.

Maybe you know you can be any of these and more.

With the personalized process of Akashic Future, I can meet you where you are and guide you beyond imagination into the future.

How can an Akashic Mystic Benefit Your Business?

I have been working with business leaders, social pioneers, creative geniuses, and future-forward entrepreneurs from around the world for over 20 years.

The number one benefit they all remark upon is my ability to help them integrate the best of themselves with the best that their projects and business can be. This helps them find unexpected paths and beneficial steps they had never considered but which amplified their success.

Sometimes this is to lean into what is working. Sometimes this means stopping, turning around, and picking up a different path at the last Y in the road. Sometimes, this is recognizing that you are in the wrong forest and pivoting into a much better environment.

The Akashic Future Insight Factors individually provide specific information which answers questions and opens doors to unconsidered possibility. Taken together, the information from the Factors provides a multi-dimensional picture based on your strengths and the possibilities from visionary insight.

In the course of my work with many executives and visionary thinkers, I have witnessed the following:

  • A simple step to avoid what seemed like a destructive, expensive lawsuit.
  • Restoration of a broken computer network by finding the break within the Akashic Records of the network.
  • A series of steps, both personal and professional, to grow a business from a million to $10 million a year in three years.
  • Assessment of job candidates to assemble and expand the best team for a hugely successful business.
  • Definition of story arc and the main characters for a best-selling romance.
  • Restraint necessary to avoid a hefty government fine.
  • Identification of computer network sabotoge and responsible employees.
  • Release of personal blocks holding back business success.
  • Investigation of a cold case within the Akashic Records to find missing funds.
  • Development of new services and associated marketing steps for multi-million dollar business.
  • Akashic Records research in an industry sector for potential paths of development.
  • Suggestions to re-work the story line of what became a best-selling sci-fi fantasy.
  • Finding and assessing a safe path around ransomware.
  • Development of branding tag lines, best colors, and logo designs for multiple businesses.

Generally speaking, if you can ask the question, there will be a response that either formulates the best path to take or points you in the direction of creating the strategy yourself.

The most successful see me not as someone who holds your hand and does it for you.

The most successful see me as an oracle on the mountain with a unique perspective of future possibility and visionary insight.

I provide deep insight today to ignite your vision for tomorrow.

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