Akashic Mystic Book Club

The Book Club for the Mystical, Spiritual, and Personal!

Have you ever read a cool spiritual consciousness book and thought, “I wish I had someone to discuss this with!”

Akashic Mystic Book Club with Cheryl Marlene

Well … now you do!

Meeting monthly via Zoom, Akashic Mystic Book Club will read and discuss both fiction and non-fiction from the perspective of the mystical, the spiritual, and the personal. I will be the primary facilitator and there will be times when others step forward.

Sometimes we’ll break into small groups and sometimes the whole group will explore together. Know you don’t need to know how to open the Akashic Records, though sometimes I might do so.

Participants are expected to show up for meetings having read the month’s book (or the portion for the month). Each participant will bring one question to share with others and to create discussion amongst the group. I will also bring forward discussion prompts and group activities. Depending on the book, we will read about 300 pages a month.

In the online course section of the Book Club, you will find recordings of each meeting, suggestions for upcoming selections, and a place to register your vote. I will also include links to resources related to the current selection. If I see a way to include Akashic Records exploration with the current selection, I will include this in the online course material.

Future selections will be chosen primarily through group consensus and occasionally I will make the choice.

There is no charge to participate in Book Club — though the access to or the purchase of the current book is your responsibility.

The book for May and June 2023 is The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk.

Akashic Mystic Book Club meets on the fourth Friday of the month at 1pm Central via Zoom.

Book Club Dates for 2023

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