Akashic Origins is Level Four of ZENITH, my Akashic Records study program.

Akashic Origins by Cheryl Marlene

To get to this incredibly advanced level of study, the student has first explored the depths of personal growth and personal power by learning to open the Akashic Records for self in Level One.

Then through Level Two, the student has added new skill and understanding by learning to open the Akashic Records for Other — meaning for other flows of energy that are not self including other people and all manner of non-human energy.

In Advanced Learning, Level Three, the student refines personal skill and goes into advanced exploration of the Akashic Records within three specific areas of study: Non-Human Energy, Soul Energy Dynamics, and Healing.

This learning experience combines the trust established with self and the worthiness established through Other to advance the student into the deeper levels of Akashic Records studies.

Entering Level Four, the student now has an excellent idea of the incredible possibilities contained within the Akashic Records studies I term:

Akashic Origins.

This is not just the beginnings of the Akashic Records — though it can be.

This is the deepest of dives into the energetic origins of everything through the lens of the Akashic Records.

To begin within Akashic Origins, we move into the deeper elements of Akashic Records analysis and exploration.

In the process, I share how I go deep, how I transcend the boundaries between known, unknown, and unknowable, and how I receive the extraordinary gifts of the universal mysteries contained within the Akashic Records.

Also in this process, the student learns more about their own areas of mastery within the Akashic Records, explores deeper revelation through individual and group work, and continues their journey on the Deep Road.

At this level of study, we work together as a group of explorers, sharing what is received and working to synthesize meaning and advance skill within the dynamic view of the Akashic Records.

Because of the depth possible, I offer topics of study for 4 to 6 months at a time and do not announce the next topic until we are close to finishing the current field of study.

This means that there is no end to this level of study and many students continue at this level for more than one year.

Thus between our methods, our intentions, and our personal efforts and shared experience, this will be a unique journey into the origins of everything including the Akashic Records!!

Akashic Origins

How is Akashic Origins Organized?

To enter Level Four, the student must have successfully completed Levels One, Two, and Three plus have Cheryl’s approval.

Once every four to six months, I select an area of investigation based both on my own areas of interest and from suggestions by students. The topic is usually phrased in a question to guide our study and work within the Akashic Records.

We meet twice a month via Zoom. Find all future dates on the Events Calendar.

Our first monthly meeting is a topic discussion often based on reading materials and information from the Akashic Records. In this meeting we begin to define parameters of investigation both in and out of the Akashic Records. We also define areas of interest and exploration within the selected topic. Assignments are made for outside research to bring back to the group and exploration within the Akashic Records.

Our second monthly meeting is a group work session based in part on the scope defined in the first meeting. This may include reading exchange, group readings, and group feedback and analysis.

To share directly with each other in session, we use a very special website where information can be shared in real time and recorded and saved for future use. In fact, all work done by students at this level goes into this secure site. The analysis and synthesis process we employ is also recorded here. Plus, often at the end of a topic, the group produces a white paper about what was found or created.

New students to Level Four receive training on how to use the website. If you can create a Word document or email, you can learn to use this website effectively and easily.

Students enter Level Four for a year at a time. Because new topics are constantly being explored, Level Four can be repeated many times.

Level Four study is required for Akashic Records Reader Certification.

While Private Study is highly recommended during Level Four, it is optional except for those students who are involved with completing a Certification program with me.

Pricing for Level Four

Similar to Level Three, Akashic Origins provides choose-your-monthly-fee pricing and ranges between $100 and $250 a month.

At this level, Private Study is included at an additional fee chosen by the student and agreed upon with me.

A one-time, full payment of $2400 is also acceptable for a year of Level Four. (Does not include Private Study.)

Scholarships are available and considered on person by person basis. Know that scholarships which cover the entire cost are not available. Please apply for the scholarship when submitting your Akashic Origins application.

Akashic Origins Application

To apply for Akashic Origins, please complete the following application.

After submission, you will receive a link to the Level Four Evaluation which also must be completed to be considered for entry into Akashic Origins.

Admission to Akashic Origins is on a rolling basis, though most students moving from Level Three will enter in either January, May or September.

Akashic Origins Application

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