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Both the thrill and challenge of the Akashic Records is that study and investigation are unlimited.

Akashic Origins, Level Four of ZENITH, is exploration and research into the energetic origins of everything through the lens of the Akashic Records.

You are at this senior level because you have learned to open for yourself, for Other, and have developed deeper understanding and technique within the Akashic Records.

All of this study was facilitated by me for you to have space to learn your connection with the Akashic Records and do the personal work required by your journey.

In Akashic Origins, the focus shifts to you — to create your experience and uncover your path forward.

Akashic Origins with Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Origins:

Level Four is Exploration through the Lens of the Akashic Records

Essentially, at Level Four, you learn and implement a framework for research within the Akashic Records.

But this process is more than a research project.

The purpose of Akashic Origins is for you to learn to be the facilitator of your own Akashic Records exploration.

To get beyond assumption and your EBFJs using a clearly defined protocol and framework for exploration, individual inquiry, and group work.

To share your journey as you proceed and to share what you learn and organize from your exploration.

To understand how origins lead to expanded knowing, deep healing, and expansive spiritual practice.

Akashic Origins is a journey with The One and The Many within the origin and wisdom of your body, mind, heart, and soul.

How is Akashic Origins Organized?

I provide five elements:

Topic of Exploration: For each module I choose a topic to focus our work. Past topics have included Chakra Energy in an Akashic Record Reading, Sacred Geometry, and the Origin Energy of Language.

Essential Question: Within the topic, I formulate a primary focus question. This essential question is a guide, a beacon, a beginning for you. Your journey may answer this question — though it is also possible your journey may bring you to create a different question to explore the focus topic.

Research Framework: this is me passing on how I do research within the Akashic Records. This protocol includes how to deal with assumptions and road blocks, how to expand your thinking and receive beyond what you think you know. This article outlines the basic steps: How to Do Research in the Akashic Records?

Shared Experience: We meet twice a. moth to explore, question, learn, and explore some more. You develop your perspective on the topic within the camaraderie of fellow travelers.

Report Format: Creating this report by the conclusion of the module provides a focus for you to organize what you have learned, how you got there, and how you validated your conclusions and any techniques or protocols you developed.

We meet twice a month, and following a set of defined steps, we begin an inquiry into the topic of the Essential Question. To successfully complete Level Four of ZENITH, you participate in three 4-month modules.

Between our methods, our intentions, and our personal and group efforts, this is a unique journey into your origins and the origins of All That Is and the Akashic Records.

Through Akashic Origins, you develop deep mastery within the Akashic Records to explore independently, share your learning and journey with others, and produce an organized perspective of your discovery and conclusions.


Level Four

Akashic Origins

Successful completion of Akashic Origins is three 4-month modules.

Entry into Akashic Origins is limited to ZENITH students.

Level Three students move into this Level Four as planned with me.

Successful completion of Akashic Origins is required to enter into Akashic Records Professional Reader Certification.

If you feel ready to enter Level Four, please make a 15-minute appointment with me to discuss and get you going. Use this no-charge link.

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