My 30-minute Akashic Record Readings are available on a sliding scale basis. Why?

Because there’s lots going on in the world right now.

Shift, change, breakdown, as well as new energy, new possibilities, new approaches to living life.

In gratitude to provide Akashic Record Readings by Donation with Cheryl Marlene

Plus, people are reaching out from around the world, looking for answers and release.

I want to be able to work with all those who feel the call, feel the need, feel the urge for connection.

If you feel stuck, unsure, perhaps scared, wherever you are in your life, I’d like to help you respond if you feel the call.

This Akashic Record Reading is thirty minutes — not the longest session I offer, but certainly enough time for us to deal with an urgent need for release and healing, enough time to answer several questions.

Usually a 30-minute Reading with me is $199.

Use the scheduling link below and you can schedule any time in my calendar for a minimum of $75.

If you would like to contribute more, you may do that by adding on in the checkout window.

Audio recording always included. Sessions conducted via Zoom — you may call in on your phone or use your computer or tablet to connect.

Akashic Record Readings

This is my primary service -- your choice of length.

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Akashic Record Readings: New Client

A complete and powerful experience for you, a new client!


60-minute Akashic Record Reading with free ebook and discounts

Akashic Record Reading - Sliding Scale

A 30-minute Reading where pricing is your choice on a sliding scale beginning at $75.

Soul Vision

The most powerful and comprehensive exploration from your soul's perspective within the Akashic Records. Five hours across three sessions one-on-one with me. Upon scheduling your first session, I will send you information about how to schedule and prepare for each session.

Worthy of Love

Worthy of Love is a powerful Akashic Records Reading experience with me to help you release and heal your blocks to loving and being loved. Worthy of Love is also a personal workshop to explore self-worth and self-trust so that love has room to bloom in your life for you.

Premium Akashic Record Reading Packages

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Akashic Record Readings purchased together at a discount. Upon purchase, I will send you information about how to schedule each session. Packages expire after 12 months.

Duo Reading Package

Trio Reading Package

Here's how to prepare for your Akashic Record Reading: Prepare For Your Reading