Frequently Asked Questions

About the Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

Simply put, the Akashic Records are the energetic record of your soul’s journey through the space and time of the universe. The Records originate in divine potential beyond linear time and space, flowing into form through the creative effort of our lives. Thus your Akashic Records is not a book in heaven, but a unique flow of divine knowing “written” in this moment by you and for you. The Akashic Records are maintained by the Guides or Keepers of the Akashic Records for the purpose of providing information and healing. To learn more, read Cheryl’s short story, What are the Akashic Records?

Isn’t the information in the Akashic Records pre-determined?

The Akashic Records are not pre-determined. Because they are of the energy of potential, they point toward the highest possibility. It is like being on a train headed toward a variety of stations, where you always have the choice to get off the train you are on and choose another train or another possibility. From this perspective, the Akashic Records are about helping you make your choice and uncover what is true for you with the emphasis more on “how” you approach your life and less on the exact form your life should take. Many like to think of the Akashic Records as a book that is written with permanent ink. The guides and the keepers of the Akashic Records have helped me to see that this is drawing the circle of possibility too small. Instead, by seeing the Akashic Records as an energetic source of possibility, we may open to an infinite circle of divine potential where we find guidance in creating our own path, our own journey.

What are the benefits of Opening Your Own Akashic Records?

  • Over time, accessing the pure potential of your Akashic Record naturally raises your own affinity and resonance with unhindered energetic flow of divine potential, creating a powerful inner environment for self-responsible growth.
  • Working in the Records creates safe space for personal change as you explore the journey of this life within the divine knowing of your soul.
  • Reading the Akashic Records for yourself is like tuning your intuition into the right station: the static is gone – imagine clearly spoken guidance with the soothing balance of meditation.
  • You gain direct access to the dynamic infinite and eternal (past, present, and future) flow of your own soul energy where self development becomes a profound personal experience.
  • By working directly with the universal source energy of your Akashic Record, you may uncover your fears and blocks, find balance and healing, and explore your own highest life path.

About Akashic Record Readings

Why do you call it a “Reading?”

In early monastic traditions, lectio divina was the reverential reading aloud of scripture or holy text where the reader listened with body and mind, heart and soul, allowing the words and their energetic vibrations of spirit to open awareness to the presence of divinity within and without. The act of uttering sacred words with deeply meditative intention inspires connection with with our sense of the divine, with All That Is.

In the same spirit, an Akashic Record Reading is a divinely inspired reading aloud of an individual’s holy energetic flow. ?An Akashic Record Reading gives voice to, makes known, the soul’s sacred understanding.

A Reading brings together three elements. The Petitioner is the person for whom the Records are opened. The person doing the reading is called the Reader or Witness. And the Sacred Knowing is represented in the information and guidance coming forward from the Records of the Petitioner.

In a Reading, the Petitioner, the Witness, and the Sacred Knowing come together at the point of potential to give form to the sacred within the Petitioner. This allows the Petitioner to find space to release whatever binds or obstructs, and to move forward consciously.

How long do Akashic Record Readings last?

Generally an Akashic Record Reading last about an hour. This gives most people the opportunity to ask the questions they have, receive answers, and clear any blocks involved. Though it is possible for a reading to last 90 minutes or more. With returning clients or special situations, it is also possible to do a very focused reading in 30 minutes.

How often do I need an Akashic Record Reading?

I recommend that you wait at least 30 days between Readings unless you are in the midst of a highly concentrated or urgent period such as intense and swift life change or physical illness.

When is the best time to have a reading?

People are always asking me. “How will I know when to have a reading?” I always reply that it something you just know inside, your heart guides you and says it is time. You may feel moved to schedule a reading during the following:

  • When you want to clarify your life’s potential and purpose
  • When you want to find out more about your career, health, relationships, or finances
  • When you feel it is time to let go of limiting beliefs, bad habits, or painful past events
  • In times of transition (birthday, divorce, death, etc.)
  • When you feel stuck, in fear or confused
  • In times of physical discomfort and unwellness
  • When there is something you want to know but just can’t quite make it out on your own
Who or what can you do Akashic Record Readings for?

I can do an Akashic Record Reading for any one over 18 years of age who directly asks for a reading. (I can not do an Akashic Record Reading without directly expressed permission.)

I can also do an Akashic Record Reading for anthing made of energy. This includes homes and other buildings, businesses, computer networks, artifacts, art work, schools, organizations, plants, animals, almost any location on Earth or in the universe. The possibilities are endless and exciting!

Why is an Akashic Record Reading based on my questions? Can’t you just read them for me?

The Akashic Records are here to help us find our way through our lives. They aren’t here to do it for us. What comes forward from the Akashic Records for you is based on what you are willing to intentionally take responsibility for. Your question is your expression of intent.

Do you do past life readings?

Yes. Though asking a broad question like, “Tell me about my past lives,” won’t get you much but a chuckle from the Guides mainly because most folks have more past lives that can be counted. Past life information usually comes forward to help you clarify and release current day issues and dilemmas.

Can an Akashic Record Reading help me with a physical problem or disease?

Yes. Within the Akashic Records, you can often find the source or root cause of dis-ease and sometimes find steps to resolve the problems. Remember though that I offer Akashic Record Readings as spiritual support and as a complement or addition to whatever medical or psychological treatment you may receive.

How do I know that what you say in a Reading is the truth?

Truth is an interesting concept in the Akashic Records. The information from the Akashic Records is offered not as carved-in-stone absolute truth, but as words of support and guidance to help you find your way to your truth in your life yourself. Ultimately, you know if it is the truth because it feels like truth to you.

How do you open the Akashic Records?

I use a simple, yet powerful process to access your Akashic Record in which I stay fully present. The process includes a visualization and a blessing that creates sacred space and clear connection with the Guides of the Akashic Records. I receive the information and energy through all my senses. During the reading I may also be guided to incorporate Reiki, energetic healing, Shamanic vision and journey, plant spirit medicine, or gemstone therapy with the healing energies available from the Records.

What intention do you hold when you do an Akashic Record Reading for someone?

What comes forward in a reading is offered in support of you finding your highest path and helping you find clarity within your life’s challenges. The intention of the reading is to help you balance your soul’s intent with your physical being’s desires so that you may live fully in this present moment.

What kind of work do you do with groups, businesses or organizations?

As with individuals — businesses, organizations, and groups create energy patterns over time and this energy is accessible through the Akashic Records. Accessing the Records allows the business or group the opportunity to take a look at itself from a spiritual point of view. Helpful at any point in the life of the group, a Reading can help clarify or create mission, appraise opportunities and potentials, seek solutions to current issues and problems, or develop guidelines for strategic planning. The records of a business or group are opened with the permission and in the presence of the head of the organization and, depending on the desired outcome, it may be appropriate to have other members present. This type of Reading may take place once or on several occasions over a period of time. Because of my business background, she is particularly adept at this type of reading.

I am moving into a new house, can you help me “feng shui” it in the Akashic Records?

I can help ease the transition into a new home, office, or other location by asking in your records and the records of the location for guidance and support. We can look at existing energetic involvements for you and the location and determine a course of action for clearing, claiming space, and assuming responsibility — all with the intention of supporting your highest expression and that of the location.

How can you help with the pain of death?

One of the very first types of readings given to me by my guides in the Akashic Records is the Legacy Reading.

Legacy is the physical and spiritual information and energy that passes from one person to another when someone makes the transition from physical to pure energy — what we call death. It is possible to pass or recieve Legacy consciously.

Passing Legacy: In this reading, you ask for a description of the legacy you have to pass on and identify those individuals, groups or other entities your legacy goes to. It is possible to receive clarity on what you can do to release Karma, satisfy your life’s intentions, assume responsibility, and free blocks to passing on in wholeness and divine awareness. Passing Legacy is for those preparing to make their physical transition.

Receiving Legacy: The focus of this reading is on helping you understand your position and your point of responsibility with regard to someone with whom you feel a legacy connection. You may learn what you can do to help a person move on in peace and in wholeness, about any blocks that exist between you, and how to maintain connection after death. Receiving Legacy is for those preparing to help someone die or for those that have experienced the death of someone.

I can also work with the Records to develop Rites of Passage and memorial services.