Business Vision Reading with Cheryl Marlene

Business Vision Readings

Explore the Truth of Your Business

Is your company going the direction it needs to survive? Have you recently started a company or want to start a company, but your not sure where to begin? Let Cheryl?help you by connecting to the Akashic Records of your company or company to be and exploring the truth from the origin of it’s existence. The information, guidance and energy from the Akashic Records?is expansive, dynamic and limitless.

Points of Action

In a Business Vision Readings, we look at five progressive points of action geared to help you envision your business from a broader perspective than you can get on your own.

Open to Vision:

We take a step up and back to see you and your business in a new light. At a soul level who are you and what is the creative intent of your business? What is the potential of both and how can this potential be achieved?


Depending on where your business is (start-up or existing), we take a look at the people, products and practices involved. What works? What doesn’t? What’s needed to achieve your business’s potential?


Very simply, what needs to go? The perspective here is balance, awareness, and truth between you and your business and between you, your business and its people, products and practices. What does your business need to operate most effectively?


To move in the right direction, shift challenge to possibility. Go beyond limitation to the truth and potential of you and your business. What transforms this business?


Bring it all together and let your business work for you!? How can success happen/continue?

About this Reading

This reading is primarily focused on the owner of a business. As the owner of the business, you have the authority to give permission to open the Akashic Records of the business that you own. Connecting to the energy of the business allows information and guidance around the energy of the entity of the business. In these readings, you are asking for both your individual Akashic Records to be opened as well as the Akashic Records of your Business. You may be in the start-up phase or your business may already have a track record.

If you are in the first steps of bringing your business into being, you want to bring clear awareness to the process, you want to reach high, you want alignment between you and your business.

If your business and you have some experience and you are ready to expand both your awareness of what is possible and the focus of your business. Not wanting to rely merely on profit and loss statements, you want to bring a broader vision to the next steps of success for you and your business.

How Does This Reading Work?

  • First you will provide information to Cheryl so that she can know about you and your business.
  • Second, you and Cheryl get together for a 90 minute session where Cheryl open the Akashic Records of you and your business and answers a set of guided questions.
  • Now is time for you to complete some homework which involves listening to the recording of the first session and recording thoughts and questions which might arise.
  • Last, we get together for another 90-minute session after you have had time to take in all the information of the first session. Now it is you time to ask questions, get clarification, and spell out the steps for your strategy going forward.

Why Work with Cheryl?

Cheryl has offered Akashic Records Readings to thousands of people, providing guidance on a wide range of topics including personal, business, career and more. She is clear, concise and her own business experience provides a great background for any business owner. Her depth and breadth of vision provides strategic focus and specific detail.

How to Get Started?

Things begin when you purchase a Business Vision Reading.

You will receive an email confirmation with a link to schedule your first appointment, a set of questions to provide Cheryl information plus the questions that will be used in your first session.

Before your Reading, you review the session?question set and answer and return the question set.

At the time of your appointment, Cheryl calls you by phone or by Skype (or if you are in Portland, Oregon, you may be able to attend in person).

Cheryl?opens your Akashic Record and you asks your questions. Transmitting the response of your Akashic Records, Cheryl?relays everything as fully and completely as she can.

Cheryl will also record your Reading and send you a download link to the mp3 file.


Schedule an Appointment with Cheryl:

A Business Vision Reading with Cheryl is $695 and may be paid in full or

in two payments of $395 when you register and $300 payable the first of the month following registration.

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