LifeVision Map

The most comprehensive Akashic Record Reading of who You are from your Soul’s perspective!

You receive a vision of yourself and your life from the depths of your soul, empowered by the infinite potential of All That Is.

We begin with the moment your Soul said “I Am.”

We look at who you are spiritually and physically.

At the most profound levels of human existence, we are all the co-creation of three forces:

LifeVision Map is a deep road into your soul through an Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl Marlenes

Spiritual: what you bring to this life from the energy of your soul;

Physical: what you receive from being born at this place and time, on this Earth, in this form; and

Universal Life Force: the creative energy of All That Is, God, Source.

This very special 4-hour workshop reading examines for you each force — spiritual, physical, and universal life force — in detail and in combination. You receive the deepest understanding of who you are, your soul’s intent, your blocks, and the source(s) of your greatest potential. This personalized reading workshop is four hours, completed in two 2-hour sessions.

In the first session, I bring forward information for you including current life purpose, soul purpose, physical and spiritual strengths and challenges, and past or future lives currently impacting you (if any). After this first session, I send you a recording and a workbook geared to helping you process the information and develop questions for the second session.

In the second session, I respond to your questions, brings out additional information, clears blocks as appropriate, and conclude with a summary of opportunities and challenges for the future.

These are some of the topics covered in a LifeVision Map: Soul Origin, Soul’s Original Intent,Current Soul Intent, Soul Resistance, Soul Vision, Current Past Life Connections, Current Future Life Connections, Soul Group, Agreements & Purpose of Physical Form, Location & Time of Birth, Maternal Contribution, Paternal Contribution, Blocks & Limiting Beliefs, Strength & Duration of Universal Life Force, Life Resistance, Life Vision, LifeVision Map Summary, and Future Possibilities & Directions.

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Two 2-hour sessions


Schedule LifeVision Map

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