Soul Vision

The most powerful and comprehensive

Akashic Record Reading

of who You are from the truth

of your Soul’s perspective!

At the most profound level, the most important shift on the planet is within the Agreements which are the foundation to all human experience and possibility.

This change pushes at you to shift perspectives because the new agreements ask humanity to learn to let go of outdated beliefs and live within full spiritual-physical integration.

With the current Earth shifts, humanity is accepting the challenge to bring the spiritual into the physical and find spiritual-physical balance and integration within the physical plane.

This is HUGE — both an incredible challenge and an amazing opportunity.

And because this is all so new, we don’t know what to do or how to do it!

The answer is Soul Vision.

Your soul has much to say to you about the balance and possibility of who you are and can become.

Soul Vision is the deepest expression of your soul in this physical environment.

Soul Vision is the intentional support of your full physical-spiritual integration within the new form of the Earth plane.

A Soul Vision Reading from your Akashic Records allows the voice of your soul to speak to you, illuminating your path, releasing blocks and trauma, and helping you make heart and soul-focused choices for your life right now.

This incredible personal journey within your Akashic Records is completed across five hours and three one-on-one sessions with me.

You receive a vision of yourself and your life from the depths of your soul, empowered by the universal mysteries and the roots of ancient wisdom, providing the foundation for future personal exploration and expansion.

First Session Soul Vision with Cheryl Marlene

First Session:

Soul Vision and Physical-Spiritual Integration

At the most profound levels of human existence, we are all the co-creation of three forces:

Spiritual: what you bring to this life from the energy of your soul;

Physical: what you receive from being born at this place and time, on this Earth, in this form; and

Universal Life Force: the creative energy of All That Is, God, Source.

In the first 2-hour session, we begin with the moment your Soul said “I Am.”

We look at who you are spiritually and physically and how your being interacts on all levels with Universal Life Force.

You receive the deepest understanding of who you are, your soul’s intent, your blocks, and the source(s) of your greatest potential.

Following a set of questions I have developed for this first session, I bring forward information for you including your soul purpose, physical and spiritual strengths and challenges, past or future lives currently impacting you (if any).

After this first session, I send you an audio recording and workbook geared to helping you process the information.

Second Session Soul Vision with Cheryl Marlene

Second Session:

Soul Truth

In the second 90-minute session, we focus on Soul Truth by examining you life’s journey within four perspectives of soul experience:

Soul Calling: the energy of your soul guiding you into a new world of full physical-spiritual integration. 

Soul Patterns: your soul’s tendency to move in particular ways within infinite possibility.

Soul Bindings: intentional or unintentional interference or disruption of the soul’s energetic flow within All That Is.

Soul Fragments: often the result of trauma, lost or forgotten awareness of soul truth, balance and joy.

This session is also guided by a pre-determined set of questions for each aspect.

If release work is indicated, I will work with you in the moment to release whatever no longer serves or is holding you back.

Like the first session, after this second session I will send you a recording and workbook to process this work.

Third Session Soul Vision with Cheryl Marlene

Third Session:

Personal Response and Release

At this point, you have taken in broad perspectives and deep knowledge.

You have listened to what your Akashic Records have provided and perhaps you have done your own processing.

What remains?

What do you want to know?

What do you want to let go?

This last 90-minute session is to answer the questions which are calling to you.

To attend to what needs release.

To address the possibilities to move forward because of all you have learned and understood.

As is true of the entire experience, this last session is specifically for you to address where you are and envision what you can become.

Soul Vision

the most powerful and comprehensive Akashic Records Reading with Cheryl

Five hours across three one-on-one sessions

Upon schedule the first session, I will send you information about scheduling the second and third sessions.


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Soul Vision

The most powerful and comprehensive exploration from your soul's perspective within the Akashic Records. Five hours across three sessions one-on-one with me. Upon scheduling your first session, I will send you information about how to schedule and prepare for each session.

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