Ready to move into Advanced Learning in the Akashic Records?

Both the thrill and challenge of the Akashic Records is that study and investigation are unlimited.

There is always another step towards personal transformation — another step into the universal mysteries.

In learning to open for self and for Other, you have developed the foundation you need to begin deep exploration in the Akashic Records.

Level Three of ZENITH, Advanced Learning in the Akashic Records, consists of four topic modules completed in 12-16 months.

Advanced Learning in the Akashic Records with Cheryl Marlene

Advance Learning is a partnership with me as you expand your path of mastery within the Akashic Records.

I am not interested in creating cookie-cutter Akashic Record Readers who look just like me.

Instead I want to provide a platform for you to find your deepest expression of who you are and can become within the depths of the Akashic Records.

Advanced Learning provides this framework whether you want to hang a shingle as a Reader or not.

In fact, most people who enter this level do so to deepen their own process of spiritual mastery and how that process feeds back into their personal and professional lives with incredible support and clarity.

At this level, most of our interactions are in bi-monthly Master Classes held via Zoom. In Master Class I offer knowledge and know-how, creating opportunity to practice and experience these deeper perspectives of the Akashic Records both for yourself and within support for Other.

By this point, you have done the work needed to work out the blocks to clear connection with the Akashic Records.

You have learned to trust yourself to get to your truth and you have learned that you are worthy of the effort and fruits of your work within the Akashic Records.

Now the challenge comes in a more subtle fashion within resistance.

What gets pushed at are:

  • Your sacred cows,
  • Your deeply held personal beliefs which no longer serve you.
  • The old habits which you already know need to go

This level of advanced study is about nuance and subtlety, about being willing to take another look at yourself — especially in that place you thought you had already tended to and solved.

Overall, study in this fashion asks you to be flexible, open, and willing to follow your path however it appears and wherever it leads.

You want to venture into and and beyond the Akashic Records — past limit, expectation, and fear.

Together we explore, we share, we journey into the Deep Road of Advanced Learning in the Akashic Records.

In Level Three Our Work is within Four Topic Areas

Advanced Soul Energy Dynamics

Most energy and spiritual practice modalities look at everything from the perspective of the physical body — which isn’t bad, it just creates limits and is not the only perspective possible.

In this section, we dive deep into understanding human experience from the soul point of view and the transcendent.

We look at multiple forms of dynamic energy including the Akasha, the spiritual energy of light and sound, and divine time.

We also look into the energetic motion of local and non-local, multidimensional and extra-terrestial.

Overall, this is a deep, advanced dive into the energy dynamics of the soul which are foundational to our lives within full spiritual-physical integration.

This is a four-month module usually occurring live beginning in May.

Soul Energy Dynamics with Cheryl Marlene

Innovations in Divine Assistance and Non-Human Energy with Cheryl Marlene

Innovations in Divine Assistance and Non-Human Energy

When we understand the soul energy dynamics of the Akashic Records, we open the door to deep exploration of energy beyond the confines of the human body.

This module explores working with non-human energy within the Akashic Records.

Every time I do this module I introduce a new module based on both my current research and current events.

Previous modules included Forms of Divine Assistance within the Akashic Records, Legacies of Ancestral Energy, and Creative Energy and the Gemstone Guardians — just to name a few.

This is a four-month module usually beginning in January and is available for enrollment as a stand-alone Level Three course.

Personal Power Mastery

Claiming your best self and learning to live through your personal choice, self-belief, and truth create the foundation of your life and your experience within the Akashic Records.

Because of the spiritual practice and healing capacity of the Akashic Records, you are supported to do your work and claim the power of YOU.

This module takes you through a process of creating a firm foundation to do your work, acknowledge the best of your personal power, and release whatever stands in your way to clarity, balance, and peace.

This module is independent study which can be begun any time after finishing Level Two. The curriculum is based on my upcoming book, To Do Your Work.

Personal Power Mastery with Cheryl Marlene

Healing and the Akashic Records with Cheryl Marlene

Healing and the Akashic Records

Here we explore the possibilities of healing as balance within the soul energy of the Akashic Records.

I share new information about healing as balance and utilizing the 100% energy potential of the Akashic Records as a source of transformative shift and release.

Plus I share special techniques to use in an Akashic Record Reading to support release of trauma, energetic intrusions, and all that does not serve the integrative balance of body, mind, heart, and soul.

This is a four-month module open only to ZENITH students. This module usually begins in September.

Level Three Organization

Each of the four modules is four months of study with bi-monthly master classes usually held on Saturday via Zoom.

Course material for each module is available in the private, student-only section on this website.

There are reading assignments often from material I have created just for the students of each module.

Audio recordings are put in the course material after each master class for those students unable to participate in class.

Level Three students can also continue monthly participation in other workshops offered, such as Akashic Records Q&A, Explore Your Life and Explore the Mysteries.

When a student moves from Level Two to Level Three, I create a study plan and identify when the student will begin each of the four modules.

Private Study is optional and highly recommended as a way to individualize and personalize your mastery with the Akashic Records.

Stepping into the depth of Advanced Learning in the Akashic Records with Cheryl Marlene

Level Three is a deep dive into YOUR unique capacity within the Akashic Records.

You learn advanced techniques, theory, and perspectives.

Complex, yet presented clearly with excellent steps to learn and incorporate into your Akashic Records practice.

Entry into any Level Three module is only available in January, May, or September.

What Folks Are Saying!

I am re-watching the first lesson in our Level Three course and this thought just came to me and I want to share it with you:

You hold the keys to the Universe and I want to thank you for unlocking these doors for me.

Before you, I didn’t even know these doors existed.

Now, as I step through these doors, the potential of my Universe is unfolding and I am full of wonder, awe, and happiness!

— Stephanie, Ohio

Cheryl does not merely teach but,

she empowers you to seek the truth for who you are alongside finding, seeking those parts of you, hidden for whatever reason

and assist you in the unification of self and releasing the fear of life that has been orchestrated.

I can truly say that I have found Me and I continue to find and see me on the ever changing continuum of existence.

— Brenda, UK

Studying in the Akashic Records with Cheryl as my guide has been a gift.

It has been an empowering journey of personal discovery.

The breadth and depth Cheryl brings to her workshops and classes is unlike anything else I have attended.

I always leave class inspired and wanting more.

— Ally, Massachusetts

You’ve Got This!

Level Three is filled with amazing moments, awesome learning, and mind-blowing simplicity.

Focused around bi-monthly master classes, we work together to take in the wonder and share in release and understanding.

Everything that I have taken you through in Level One and Level Two is preparation for this part of your Akashic Records journey.

Over the years, many students have commented that they thought they got everything they needed in Level One and Level Two — then they started into Level Three and were blown away by the new depth, the new personal comprehension, and the new discoveries.

Whenever you are ready to begin, I will be excited to help you move into this level of study with grace and ease!


Level Three

Advanced Learning in the Akashic Records

Level Three: Advanced Learning is only available to students who have applied to and been accepted into ZENITH.

Know if you have completed Level One: How to Open Your Akashic Records and Level Two: How to Open the Akashic Records for Other, you may convert to ZENITH to enter Advanced Learning.

For students who have done most of their work by reading my books and/or attending Connection Workshop, there is a challenge exam to qualify for entry into Level Three.

ZENITH students must complete one module in each of the four topic areas: Healing in the Akashic Records, Soul Energy Dynamics, Divine Assistance and Non-Human Energy, and Personal Power Mastery.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about learning with me, I’d love to hear from you!

Either use this contact form to send questions by email.

Or schedule a 15-minute conversation with me by using this no-charge link.

Look forward to connecting from you!

In Joy!


Entry into ZENITH is typically in January, May, and September.

However I can work with you any time you are ready to begin!

To apply for ZENITH, please complete and submit this application. After submission, you will find a scheduling link for a 15-minute conversation with me to discuss your application.

Looking forward to connecting!

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