Trust and the Akashic Records

“Theoretically, yes, you may do this without a teacher. And there are those who do. But the biggest challenge to learning to open the Akashic Records, at the deepest levels, is trust. Can you trust yourself to open the Akashic Records? Can you trust what you receive? Can you trust the Akashic Records or that you are even properly connected? TRUST – that’s the biggest roadblock.”

Naomi gazes at me. I watch her process, take in.

“So, you are saying that the teacher will help you with trust?”

“Yes, a teacher can hold a learning space for you which supports your ability to trust yourself and deepen that trust.”

Working with a teacher of integrity, who holds sacred space for students, allows the student to take the opportunity to enter into the unlimited depths of the Akashic Records.

“Whoa! I think I’m getting this! But I had no idea of the possible depth.” Naomi shakes her head, her arms, her legs, and then gives her entire body a stretch and another shake.

This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Introduction to the Akashic Records.


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