Akashic Records Archive

With over 25 years of trail blazing in the Akashic Records, I have written a ton, designed many courses, created numerous lessons and practices, and published more than a dozen books.

The Akashic Records Archive is the current repository for the new information and writing I do about and from the Akashic Records.

Holding new, in-progress publications, and currently published material, as a subscriber you may choose either a free or paid subscription.

The Akashic Records Archive has five sections:

Understand the Akashic Records:

Articles about the energetic nature of the Akashic Records through the unique lens I have about the depth and breadth of the Akashic Records.

This section will help you move beyond outdated stereotype of book and storehouse into the knowing, healing, and spiritual practice of the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Connection Tips:

Here you will find tips and suggestions about how to strengthen your connection.

Trust is the biggest initial block. Then it’s about getting past your doubt and probably another layer of trust issue.

Expand Your Practice:

This section is filled with new lessons and practices you won’t find in my published books.

Often these articles are based on what I am encountering as the big issues of the day for many.

Wisdom from the Akashic Records:

From personal power to universal mysteries, new perspectives to deepen life’s journey.

Some of the content here comes from my monthly Akashic Records Q&A event.

Akashic Records Books:

Mostly this section provides excerpts of my current books and announcements of upcoming publications.

When I find something related to the Akashic Records or a book from another author, I add reviews and recommendations.

Most of what I publish in the Archive assumes you are using my method of access of the Akashic Records. However, if you are a student within a different legacy or tradition, you’ll find the lessons relevant and the questions provided usable within your Akashic Records even if you do it differently from me.

Why Subscribe?

Maybe you’ve read my Akashic Records books or you’ve learned to open elsewhere.

However, you got here, you’re looking for something more. Perhaps some support and a place to get questions answered. Maybe you can’t get to class but want some connection. Or maybe English isn’t your primary language and you fell more comfortable reading.

The Akashic Records Archive answers your need to explore on a deeper level and at your own pace.

The Akashic Records Archive provides information, knowing, and support directly from me.

Through taking in the shared wisdom, the Archive helps you fit together the puzzle pieces so your Akashic Records experience feels whole, authentic, and complete.

What are the subscription possibilities?

You can be a free newsletter subscriber or a Diamond Subscriber.

With a free subscription, you’ll get the monthly newsletter and access to apaproximately 20% of the Archive’s content including several new articles a. month.

As a paid Diamond Subscriber you will receive the monthly newsletter and will have access to all of the Archive. Plus you will receive an email every time there is a new article.

A free subscription gives you a view to support your Akashic Records journey.

A Diamond Subscription is a commitment to your journey with the Akashic Records. A commitment to explore and expand, a commitment to go beyond the everyday into the depths to find the something more of your search.

Why do I Charge for a Diamond Subscription?

I am a writer and a write a lot! I also run a publishing company and I’m a best-selling Amazon author. I’ve published more than a dozen books in the last six years.

I write about everything related to the broad topics of spiritual consciousness and the spiritual journey. Both fiction and nonfiction. Much of what I write is focused to take final form as a book. And there is also a ton which will never make it into a published book.

For my writing I have two long-term goals:

  1. Expand my publishing income so that the majority of what I do to make my living comes from all forms of publishing efforts.
  2. Eliminate the middle guy between me and my Readers; sell direct.

Akashic Records Archive fulfills both of these goals for me in a way which also benefits you, my Reader. With a Diamond Subscription you receive:

  • Exclusive first-access to everything which is currently in-progress including books, articles, video, podcasts, and more.
  • Research and exploration I do within all my avenues especially the Akashic Records. Most of which will not make it to publication — or will be highly edited before publishing in book form.
  • My reflections about life, personal power, the spiritual journey. Plus comments and expansion on current events and ancient history.
  • A clear path to support me and my work.

On average, there are 4 to 12 new pieces a month — or 1 to 3 a week — showing up in the Akashic Records Archive content library. About 20% is free content. The other 80% is there for the folks who’ve become Diamond Subscribers — plus they get access to the growing repository of previous months.

Why Become a Diamond Subscriber?

To Give Yourself a Moment for You

My hope is that when you hear from me you’re able to take a moment for you. A moment to think about your life and where you’re at. A moment to reflect on whatever is bubbling inside and pushing at you to understand. A moment to consider a new perspective and a new possibility for your life.

I’m not here to tell you what’s right. I’m here to share where I’m at, what works, what was disappointing, and why. So you can take it in and figure out what’s true for you, uncover your next step, and envision potential new directions.

I believe we are all here trying to figure out how to live our best lives. I’m doing Akashic Records Archive for that moment of A-ha! That moment of shift and release. That moment of Wow! Now I get it!

I am here reaching out to you for that moment when we all truly get we are not alone even though we have finally taken a step into the depths of the unknown.

What Does a Diamond Subscription Include?

Akashic Records Newsletter

Once a month, this newsletter brings you up to date on everything newly available.

Akashic Records Archive Content Library

Unlimited access to the entire content library and to all new posts.

Email Notification:

Every time there is something new, you’ll hear from me!

First Access

Everything I publish outside of books related to the Akashic Records will publish first here, especially audio and video content.

Akashic Records Q&A:

Free attendance, audio recording after, of this monthly event where I answer questions from participants through the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Archive by Cheryl Marlene

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