Your Conscious Permission and the Akashic Records

No one may gain access to your Akashic Record without your conscious permission.

Your clearly stated intention is required to receive from your Akashic Records.

Without your conscious permission, your intention cannot be expressed and your Akashic Record cannot be, should not be, opened.

The most important Agreement for any student to embrace is that they will never open the Akashic Records without conscious permission.

Nor may the student offer to open the Akashic Records for another.

Why is this so important?

Everything comes from the Akashic Records through intention.

In offering or opening without conscious permission from another, the opening is tainted by the opener’s ego and opinions.

With conscious permission, the person asking is clearly stating self-responsibility and self-intention.

Without permission, the self- responsibility is blocked and erroneously transferred.

With clear intention and responsibility, the Akashic Records Reading can respond at the deepest levels as knowing, healing, and spiritual practice.

This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Introduction to the Akashic Records.


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