The Deep Road of the Akashic Records

You begin within the safety of basics and, over time, build and expand your connection with the Akashic Records. The safe road is not the major portion of your journey.

The deeper road—this is your focus now. To get to this road requires letting go of safe and control and guarantee.

The deeper road goes straight into the heart of the unknown, challenging fear, thumbing your nose at blame and doubt, leaving expectation in the dust.

The deeper road doesn’t open for you because you’re better than, or further along, or higher up. The deeper road opens to you when you lay down your demand to play safe.

You willingly move into the unknown because you trust, and because truth is the only safety you need now.

Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or are further down the path, the deeper road isn’t a reward or destination.

The deeper road opens because exploring stirs a rare excitement in your soul, makes your heart beat in loving anticipation.

Within the deeper road, you are not worried about whether you are ready because you have accepted yourself as you are in this moment, with love.

Your mind is intrigued by your inner light, as it prepares you for whatever may be, as you enter your deeper road.

Gone are the linear blinders, and you freely choose the dynamic perspective of the boundlessness of All That Is.

This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Introduction to the Akashic Records.


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