Finding the Deeper Road in the Akashic Records

Finding the Deeper road in the Akashic Records is always part of your journey whether you are a beginner or somewhere along your path. The following are excerpts from my book Open Your Akashic Records.

The Deeper Road comes when your creative being

Soaks in the unknown and the unknowable.

Vulnerable, open, willing to risk all,

The Deeper Road becomes your path,

The source of your journey.

Heart open, soul afire,

Journey and life joyfully inseparable.

Trust and truth fully claimed.

You have entered your Deeper Road.

Choice and the Akashic Records

Choices are the hinges of destiny.

When you turn your attention to Now, to the present, you find the fulcrum between the fate of necessity and the allotment of destiny exists as choice.

You are endowed with the power of choice, even if your only choice is to believe you are not bound by a pre-determined fate.

Your focus moves from the past to the present allowing destiny to step up.

Your imagination can take flight, your reason can inform decisions, your heart can follow deep intention.

You can choose to be the master of your destiny.

You commit to yourself in your freedom of choice.

Your life is no longer about the determinism of cause and effect.

Now you face the future focused on your path, your dreams, and your desires.

Personal Pricelessness and the Akashic Records

How do I calculate my worth, my value, and if it exists, my own pricelessness?

Life is priceless, invaluable.

In the face of this divine undefinable which surrounds you, how do you measure up?

Everything about you is wrapped up in your valuation of yourself.


Every issue or obstacle somehow, someway relates to your sense of self-worth.

Every action, every decision, every moment is filtered through your lens of self-worth.


Because every person on the planet questions his or her value.

Every person feels compelled to prove their value.

Every person feels that their value is in question from the day they are born until the day they die.

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