Akashic Records: Definition #3

Before reading this, get caught up!  Definition #1 and Definition #2.

One of my intentions in my work with the Akashic Records is to change the fundamental understanding of what the Akashic Records are and can become.

The Akashic Records are not static.  The Akashic Records are part of the active creative motion of All That Is.  Not carved in stone for all eternity, never changing.  Not pre-written, waiting to be read.  Not a container or a book or a library.  Instead an active energy flow of divine knowing available to all.

If you are interested in this energetic perspective, may I suggest my book, The New Akashic Records.  I begin this deeper road of understanding the Akashic Records in this book.

This third definition relies on this energy metaphor.  This is why I don’t lead with this one because it is reaching deep into a new view which most are unfamiliar with.

Let’s give it a shot and then I’ll break it down.

The Akashic Records are a focus of intent
held within Non-Physical Reality which creates a direct conduit
first to your own divine knowing and
then through your knowing to all knowing, infinite and eternal.

Or to say it another way:

Energetically the Akashic Records are a focused intention of divine knowing
so that human beings may have access to the knowing flow beyond physical form.

Important Concept #1

The same bridge seen from each end!

The first part of the definition describes the flow from the human point of view.  Looking from where we are in Physical Reality, the definition describes the flow from here to Non-Physical Reality.  Whereas the second part describe the Akashic Records from the other end of the bridge, from the perspective of Non-Physical Reality.  A bridge between manifest reality and divine mind.  A connection between the here and now and All That Is of divine source.

Important Concept #2

The Akashic Records are more than information! 

The energy continuum of All That Is flows from potential to form.  At the form end of the continuum is information.  Information is energy taken form.  At the other end of the continuum, I describe information as potential using the word knowing.  Knowing is the capacity to be aware of what you know.  It is a gathering, an emergence from the unknown and the unknowable of what you can hold in knowing now.  And because the Akashic Records are intended to be a bridge between potential and form, this knowing is of divine source and through the Records we can be consciously aware of this connection with divine knowing.

Important Concept #3

It’s all about intention!

Neither an accident of energy or a coincidence of connection, the Akashic Records exist within the intention to share or connect with the knowing of All That Is.  Though we are physical beings, we are learning to integrate the physical with the spiritual.  This integration is greater than the sum of its parts and we are learning now how we can expand our knowing and the experience of our lives through this ascending integration.

Bottomline:  Seen as something more than a book or an archive of information, from an energetic point of view, the Akashic Records exist in this moment to help us understand and embrace the deepest parts of our spiritual being within the infinite and eternal aspects of All That Is.

Neither fad nor self-help, the Akashic Records are the soul’s spiritual practice, elevating our experience beyond expectation and fear into the farthest reaches of our deepest selves.

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Akashic Records: Three Definitions

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