Akashic Records for You

Learn how to open your Akashic Records

Introductory Course for the Akashic Records Intensive

Also open as a single course to all students wanting to begin their Akashic Records Journey.

To respond to your inner call to connect with the Akashic Records, this is your first step:

You begin with you and your personal connection with the Akashic Records.

Thus, this course is your first step as an Akashic Records Intensive student.

In this course you learn everything you need to know to be able to open your Akashic Records. Plus this is the beginning of understanding the innovative view I have of how the Records work as a soul-orient flow of energy. Between my process of opening and my unique understanding, you will have access to the deepest levels of the Akashic Records.

You will also go beyond libraries of information into understanding the inherent healing energy and the divine knowing of the Records. These studies will propel you into new self-understanding and provide support as you release old stuff and no-longer needed mental and emotional limits. This is the Akashic Records as spiritual practice.

Also, going beyond cool parlor-trick, you begin a path of self discovery. Many students experience this process as a coming home — home to yourself as the best you can be and become.

In addition to online course material, you will have the opportunity to connect with me in-person in four different, monthly group workshop events at no additional charge:

Akashic Records For You Workshop

Learn directly from me the process for opening. I’ll be with you to answer questions, ease anxiety, and help you connect with confidence.

Connection Workshop

Held monthly, this in-person group workshop focuses on strengthening and expanding your connection. Learn More …

Akashic Records Q&A

Once a month I open the Akashic Records for questions about world events and universal mysteries. Learn More …

As an Intensive student you are welcome at all these workshops for as often as you’d like to attend and as long as you are a student. The Student Archive has recordings of all of these workshops and are available for students unable to attend in person. Outside of the Akashic Records Intensive, there is a per-person charge for attending Q&A, Explore Your Life, and Connection Workshop.

The online course material is organized into sixteen weeks with 3 to 4 lessons each week. Most student take three to four months to complete the course.

In this Course, You Will

Learn how to open your Akashic Records plus:

The Agreements you make with the Akashic Records to establish a firm foundation for you.

All the elements of the process to open your including a simple visualization and a Blessing

Step-by-step instructions (in-person, written, video, and audio) with tips and tools to open successfully and confidently.

Three Monthly Workshops you may attend as much as you want to learn in person with me:

Introduction to Soul Energy Dynamics: learning the basics of my unique approach to the energy of the Akashic Records.

Tips, Tools, and Advice on building your practice.

Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey — what they are and how they relate to your Akashic Records journey.

The five primary spiritual concepts which support you within the sacred space of your journey.

How to create strong, expansive connection

How to release blocks which interfere with connection.

The fundamentals of building a consistent, empowering practice

Sixteen weeks of lessons filled with mindful moments, practice questions across a huge range of topics from truth, trust, and integrity to destiny, creative possibility, and soul purpose.

Question sets with multiple, repeatable questions which serve to strength and expand your practice.

The Deep Road
What it is, why that’s the goal, and how to do the deep dive to connect at this expansive level.

You read, you learn, you practice, you expand.

Simple. Deep. Powerful.

Once you learn to open the Akashic Records, you may live the same life, but your life will never be the same again.

Included Lessons by Week:

This is the organization of the online course materials which you work through at your own pace. You begin with a How-To Open For Your Workshop and Connection Workshop — both of which you attend as often as you’d like for as long as you’d like.

Before Workshop Assignment

Weeks 1-3

Weeks 4-6

Weeks 7-9

Weeks 10-12

Weeks 13-16

Lesson One: Your Journey Begins

Lesson Two: What Calls You to the Akashic Records?

Lesson Three: Experience of Opening for Yourself

Lesson Four: Agreements

Lesson Five: Process of Opening

Lesson Six: Journal and Practice Space

Week One:

Lesson Seven: A Review of Your Opening Process

Lesson Eight: Trust

Lesson Nine: Truth

Lesson Ten: This Breath

Week Two:

Lesson Eleven: Practice Defined

Lesson Twelve Create Your Practice

Lesson Thirteen Questions with 5W1H

Lesson Fourteen: Consistency and Timing

Week Three:

Lesson Fourteen: The Circle Diagram and the Energy of the Akashic Records

Lesson Fifteen: The three Characteristics of Energy

Lesson Sixteen: Choice and Responsibility

Lesson Seventeen: Claiming

Week Four:

Lesson Eighteen: Moving Beyond Blocks

Lesson Nineteen: Connection with Beginner’s Mind

Lesson Twenty: Static View and Dynamic View

Week Five:

Lesson Twenty-One: Akashic Records Defined

Lesson Twenty-Two: Fear and Disbelief

Lesson Twenty-Three: Cleansing

Lesson Twenty-Four: Connection with Present Moment

Week Six:

Lesson Twenty-Five: Brief History of the Akashic Records

Lesson Twenty-Six: Self-Judgment

Lesson Twenty-Seven: Connection through Personal Intention

Week Seven:

Lesson Twenty-Eight: Expectation and Blame

Lesson Twenty-Nine: Connection with Integrity

Week Eight:

Lesson Thirty: Block – Playing Small

Lesson Thirty-One: Connection by Stepping In

Week Nine:

Lesson Thirty-Two: Arrogance and Dishonesty

Lesson Thirty-Three: Connection through Balance and Healing

Week Ten:

Lesson Thirty-Four: Patience

Lesson Thirty-Five: Vulnerability

Lesson Thirty-Six: Equanimity

Lesson Thirty-Seven: Connection Steps to Worthiness

Week Eleven:

Lesson Thirty-Eight: Creating Connection

Lesson Thirty-Nine: Sacred Space

Week Twelve:

Lesson Forty: Memory and Understanding

Lesson Forty-One: Destiny

Week Thirteen:

Lesson Forty-Two: Creative Being

Lesson Forty-Three: Creative Word

Lesson Forty-Four: Creative Action

Week Fourteen:

Lesson Forty-Five: Defining Purpose

Lesson Forty-Six: Soul Purpose

Lesson Forty-Seven: Life Purpose

Week Fifteen:

Lesson Forty-Eight: Laugh

Lesson Forty-Nine: Learn

Lesson Fifty: Love

Week Sixteen:

Lesson Fifty-One: Finding Your Deep Road

Final Inventory & Assessment

What’s Included in this Course:

Free, Unlimited Workshop Participation

As long as you are an Akashic Records Intensive Student, you may participate in all the monthly workshops I schedule as often as you chose, including:

Akashic Records Masterclass

Akashic Records Masterclass is my best-selling book. Containing six books, this is the go-to for your Akashic Records studies.

Students in this intensive receive a free, digital copy, downloadable as PDF, Kindle, or EPUB..

75% Discount on the One-on-One Mentorship

Many students like to have one-on-one time with me to process their personal learning and growth while a student. Frequent sessions can be good for accountability, a confidential ear, or the welcome of a frequent Reading with me. Receive a 75% discount when you add the One-on-One Mentorship to your Akashic Records Intensive.

International Community of Students

I am blessed to have an amazing group of students from around the world. We are all serious about learning and love to laugh and enjoy life.

Akashic Records Archive

Here on my website I provide a huge repository of information to understand, connect, and expand your practice as you explore your path. Akashic Records Intensive students receive a paid subscription at no charge giving you access to everything in the Akashic Records Archive.

Free 15-minute Check-ins

Sometimes you just need a little adjustment or have a quick question for me. Schedule a 15-minute check-in and we’ll get you moving.

Life-time Access to Course Material

When you complete four months of the Akashic Records Intensive, all courses you have entered and have done at least 50% of the course remain available to you without limit.

Studying in the Akashic Records with Cheryl as my guide has been a gift.

It has been an empowering journey of personal discovery.

The breadth and depth Cheryl brings to her workshops and classes is unlike anything else I have attended.

I always leave class inspired and wanting more.

AP, Massachusetts


Akashic Records For You is available in two formats:

Single Course Purchase

A single course purchase to be completed in four months and includes monthly events across four months.

The included events are How to Open for You, Explore Your Life, and Connection Workshops.

To make a single course purchase, please use the register button below.

Akashic Records Intensive Course

As a no-charge course usually completed in four months for registered Akashic Records Intensive Students with unlimited monthly events.

To join as a registered Akashic Records Intensive Student, please first apply to this intensive:

2024 Workshop Dates

When you register, you will pick one of these dates for your first workshop:

Friday, March 15 @ 5pm Central

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Saturday, June 15 @ 8am

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Friday, September 13 @ 5pm

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Akashic Records for You
Single Course Pricing

I endeavor to offer my courses with a pricing schedule which works no matter where you are located around the world, across all income levels, and without accessibility limitations.

The suggested, standard fee for this course is $499.

You choose the price you pay in a range between $200-$650 in a one time payment or between $50 to $250 in 4 monthly payments — just change the price amount on the checkout page.



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Course & Intensive FAQs

First know that all Intensives have rolling admissions and being when you are ready to begin. I work out a plan of study for you and work you into the schedule according to your availability and desired study pace.

Course Calendar: here is a chronological list of all courses and classes, month by month.

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A registered student is someone who is either enrolled the Akashic Records Intensive. Or someone who has registered in either of the two Akashic Records introductory courses: Akashic Records for You or Akashic Records for Other.

A registered student is also someone enrolled in any of the Personal Power Workshops

Additionally, there are those who are learning with me through my books, especially Akashic Records Masterclass. I consider these folks as students as well -- though they might not be registered formally in a course.

All Personal Power Workshops are open for registration to everyone and do not require the ability to connect with the Akashic Records.

The introductory Akashic Records courses and all Akashic Records Monthly Group Workshops are included in the Akashic Records Intensive AND can also be purchase one by one.

Any course listed in the Self-Paced Course Library is available to anyone -- though the Akashic Records courses assume you have studied Cheryl's approach to connecting with the Akashic Records.

Advanced Akashic Records courses are open to non-Intensive students who have successfully passed the Challenge Exams.

Support is available during all live, in-person workshops and masterclasses. Just ask!

For Intensive students, there is a no-charge 15-minute checkin which can be schedule to speak privately with Cheryl.

Akashic Record Readings are available at an additional charge. For ongoing support and direct learning, registering for the One-on-One Mentorship is highly recommended.

Every live, in-person class, course, and workshop provides downloadable audio recordings with automated, written transcripts of all live, in-person classes. Videos come with captioning. Plus, captioning is available on Zoom. If you have needs not met here, please reach out to support@cherylmarlene.com.

For Intensive, there are no refunds of the monthly membership fee -- though you may cancel at any time.

For single purchase courses, there is no refund of any monies paid though you may withdraw at any time via written email request.

To receive lifetime access to any course, you must have completed all required and contracted payments.

All live, in-person workshops and masterclasses are held via Zoom. When you register for a course, you receive the connection link in the confirmation and 24-hour reminder emails.

You will need a reliable internet connection, preferably video-enabled, a relatively quiet space, and an openness to engage in online spaces.

Registered students have access to the online course or the Student Archive where all workshop and masterclass recordings are stored for future student use.

Akashic Records: Students must be 18 years or older, be willing to engage in online spaces, work independently and under self-initiative, and ask question when troubles or concerns arise.

Students are also required to only use Cheryl's Akashic Records approach and process during classes, abide by the Agreements made with the Akashic Records, maintain confidentiality within the workshop space, and be respectful of all participants.

We are happy to help! Please reach out to support using our contact form. Response is usually within one to two business days.