Akashic Records Intensive

Comprehensive. Multi-Dimensional. Mind & Heart-Expanding.

When you are ready to go beyond stereotype into learning within the powerful depths of the sacred mysteries of the Akashic Records.

Student Membership Program

If you would like to learn to access the Akashic Records with me, you have these options:

  • Akashic Records Archive: weekly and monthly lessons, practices, and a repository of information to extend your Akashic Records journey.
  • Self-Paced Course Library: introductory and advanced courses with video, audio, and online curriculum completed through self-initiative at personal pace.
  • Akashic Records Intensive: When you are ready to go beyond stereotype into learning within the powerful depths of the sacred mysteries of the Akashic Records with me as your in-person guide.

The first three options are great especially when you want to learn on your own. Everything you need is there. Plus you can add in-person workshops one at a time when connecting directly with me calls to you.

However, for the student who wants the deepest possible experience.

And for the student who wants to engage with me on a regular basis, I offer the Akashic Records Intensive.

I believe you as a student of the Akashic Records, will have a much deeper, more enjoyable and beneficial experience by learning directly with me — especially at advanced levels.

This is NOT a learn-by-video program. Unlike most Akashic Records study programs — you learn from me directly, in-person, live.

Plus, in the live workshops (conducted via Zoom), you will meet the awesome international community of students I am incredibly fortunate to work with.

And for the Akashic Records Intensive student, the books, Akashic Records Archive, and Self-Paced Course Library are included in the Intensive.

What is the Akashic Records Intensive?

This Intensive is an open door to ALL of my Akashic Records courses and other monthly workshops with personalized support from me as you study, learn, and advance.

Access to ALL of my Akashic Records Courses & Workshops

This includes everything on the Akashic Records:

ALL courses and workshops, every introductory course and every advanced course.

Plus all the monthly Akashic Records workshops.

Whether in-person, recorded, or in the Self-Paced Course Library.

This also includes all Ancient Wisdom and Personal Power courses I offer now and in the future.

Exclusive Access to New, In-Person Only Courses

All new advanced courses I offer as in-person courses to Intensive students. Plus, there are advanced courses I only do in-person because of the serious nature of the content. (ex. Healing Techniques in the Akashic Records, etc.) Also because there are techniques and protocols which can’t be taught via a book or. a video. These courses are only available to students in the Akashic Records Intensive.

Personalized Study Plan

In conference with you, as you begin the Intensive, I put together a study plan for you. Based on your interests, I make suggestions for the sequence of your study combining monthly workshops, introductory and advanced courses with everything in the Self-Paced Course Library.

Through the free 15-minute check-in appointments I provide, we can keep you up-to-date and adjust your plan as needed.

Monthly Payments at Name-Your-Price Rates

I am committed to making my programs easily accessible by students around the world, within all ages, and economic levels.

Thus, the Akashic Records Intensive is a monthly membership program where you choose your study fee.

Whatever you choose, you will save compared to paying for the courses one by one.

Every Intensive student begins with the three introductory courses:

If you have studied on your own opening for your or for Other, you can take the Challenge Exam for these two courses to make sure you have gotten the important material.

Once the intro courses are complete, you move into the advanced courses which you will find in the course calendar or in the Akashic Records Course List.

Are You a Student of Mine?

Here’s an Interesting fact!

The #1 common element between all of my students over the years is this:

Each person feels solitary in their spiritual journey.

In other words, most of my students report there is no one in their lives they can share the depth of their spiritual and personal growth experience.

It’s also that sense of missing connection which brings many to study with me.

Plus, any student who has studied the Akashic Records elsewhere comes to me because I offer the depth they yearned for and couldn’t find until they found me.

Yes, learning with me you will gain a unique and innovative experience of the Akashic Records you will not find elsewhere.

This experience will have you exploring the depths of the universal mysteries in a way you cannot imagine right now. This is because I understand the Akashic Records from a multi-dimensional, energetic perspective and the soul’s point of view — and I pass this understanding and techniques on to you.

(Check out: What are the Akashic Records?)

But more importantly, you will be learning about yourself. About self-trust, self-worth, and personal truth. You’ll learn how to explore beyond limitation and how to release blocks and outdated habits and patterns.

Learning with me is a self-reflective process where you learn to be honest about yourself first so you have the stable foundation required to be honest with others.

I work hard to be open, honest, and vulnerable so you have the space to see and understand your potential and your limitations, your challenges and your triumphs, your pain and your joy.

Some students come and stay for a bit until they are filled.

However, the students who stay around for awhile longer do so because the Intensive supports a continual learning process and a sense of community not found elsewhere.

How do I know if this Intensive is the Right Path for Me?

Short Answer:

Even though you might feel nervous, anxious that you won’t be able to access or succeed — you feel or hear an inner call to connect at the deepest levels with yourself and with the Akashic Records. You feel. You know. This is it!

Longer Answer:

To learn the process of connection, all you need to do is get my book The Akashic Records Masterclass and follow the lessons. In fact, I will encourage you to look – maybe that’s all you need.

However, the Akashic Records Intensive is exactly for the person who knows/sees/feels that it’s not enough to read a book to get to the deeper layers.

You know you need more. Guidance when you hit a rough patch. Support when resistance rears its snarky head.

You want to work with me in-person.

You want to connect with a global community of serious spiritual seekers like yourself.

You are ready to tear down your wall of inner resistance to trust, truth, and the best of your being and becoming.

You love a challenge.

If anything I’ve described rings true for you, then you will probably find learning with me is the connection and community which fits with you.

I won’t hold your hand and create more dissonance. Instead, I will walk with you as guide willing to witness your process and make suggestions for you to trust yourself, find personal truth, and explore the amazing world we all share.

What’s Included in the Akashic Records Intensive?

First know that the two primary introductory Akashic Records workshops happen every month. This means entry into the Akashic Records Intensive is open for entry at any time.

All New & In-person Courses

All introductory and advanced Akashic Records Courses, whether live, in-person, or in the Self-Paced Course Library.

Akashic Records Intensive students have priority registration for every course, workshop, and class related to the Akashic Records. And to all of my Ancient Wisdom and Personal Power courses.

Plus you go at your own pace either one by one or one in-person and one self-paced at the same time. Your choice with no extra class fees.

Beginning any course is under your initiative and your plan of study can always be shifted according to your experience and circumstances in life.

Digital Books

Akashic Records Masterclass is my best-selling book. Containing four books, this is the go-to for your Akashic Records studies.

The New Akashic Records was my first book, won the Montaigne Medal for “illuminating and progressing thought.” A university-level text about the energy and history of the Akashic Records.

Through out the introductory courses and into the advanced courses, we use both books as primary curriculum sources.

Students in this intensive receive a free, digital copy, downloadable as PDF, Kindle, or EPUB for both books.

75% Discount on the One-on-One Mentorship

Many students like to have one-on-one time with me to process their personal learning and growth while a student.

Frequent sessions can be good for accountability, a confidential ear, or the welcome of a frequent Reading with me.

Receive a 75% discount when you combine this the One-on-One Mentorship with the Akashic Records Intensive.

When you complete your Intensive application, just click the box for the length of session you desire.

Online Course Materials

Each course comes with an online home containing all reading materials, assignments, class audio recordings, and supplemental resources.

Akashic Records Archive

I provide a repository of information to understand, connect, and expand your practice as you explore your path within the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Intensive students receive the monthly newsletter and have access to Akashic Records Archive.

Self-Paced Course Library

The Library contains a variety of primarily advanced courses offered previously in-person.

You choose what to take, when to begin, and study at your own pace.

Professional Reader Training

To be able to enter my Akashic Records Professional Reading Training program you must be an Akashic Records Intensive Student who has met the entry requirements of successful completion.

Personalized Plan of Study

In conference with you, as you begin the Intensive, I put together a study plan for you. Based on your interests, I make suggestions for the sequence of your study combining monthly workshops, introductory and advanced courses with everything in the Self-Paced Course Library.

Through the free 15-minute check-in appointments I provide, we can keep you up-to-date and adjust your plan as needed.

Student Archive

Access to audio recordings for all past and current monthly workshops, classes, and group sessions.

I record every class and included the recording in the online course material. For monthly workshops these all go in the Student Archive.

If you aren’t able to attend a session in-person, you will find the recording in the Archive a couple of days later.

Free, Unlimited Workshop Participation

As long as you are an Akashic Records Intensive Student, you may participate in all the monthly workshops I schedule as often as you chose, including:

International Community of Students

I am blessed to have an amazing group of students from around the world.

We are all serious about learning and love to laugh and enjoy life.

Student-Only Newsletter

I send a monthly newsletter to all registered students.

Find announcements, a calendar, and more contained within this monthly, sometimes bi-monthly, publication.

Free 15-minute Check-ins

Sometimes you just need a little adjustment or have a quick question for me.

Schedule a no-charge, 15-minute check-in and we’ll get you moving.

Life-time Access to Course Material

When you complete four months of the Akashic Records Intensive, all courses you have entered and have done at least 50% of the course remain available to you without limit.

Headshot of Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records
Cheryl Marlene

As a Teacher in the Akashic Records, Who am I?

I have been working with the Akashic Records for 25 years, teaching for at least 20, and I have instructed thousands of students around the world.

Both from my experience and from student feedback, I have learned what makes me unique as a master teacher within the Akashic Records:

1. Personal, direct, live connection with me at every level of study.

Unlike other programs, the core of all of my study programs is direct contact with me. Yes, there are videos and audios, books and articles — all of which are supplemental and created by me.

2. Comprehensive program which does not shy away from the real and the challenging.

I am not teaching you parlor-tricks to entertain others. I am wading into the waters of life with you and providing guidance as you learn and move from paddling to sailing to climbing every mountain.

3. The content of every level of study with me is unique within the world of Akashic Records studies.

I have experienced the Akashic Records from a very powerful, innovative, and unique multi-dimensional, energetic perspective of the soul and have developed a curriculum which supports each student to understand and connect with the Akashic Records within this unique perspective.

I don’t teach from outdated concepts of what the Akashic Records were thought to be a hundred years ago. I share with you based on a future-forward understanding of the soul energy dynamics of the Akashic Records.

Not only will you learn to open your Akashic Records and those of other people, because of my deep understanding of the Records you will step beyond into non-human energy, global energy, and the outer reaches of universal and divine energy.

If you would like to meet me before choosing a level of study or have questions about what to choose or if you are ready, please make a 15-minute prospective student appointment with me!

“When I decided to learn how to read the Akashic Records, the Universe immediately led me to Cheryl‘s website.  I booked an initial reading with her and her reading literally changed the direction of my life!

Wanting more, I signed up for her classes and I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied!  It is clear that working with the Akashic Records is her life‘s work. Her training program and curriculum is comprehensive and easy-to-follow.

But the most important part for me is the level of integrity that permeates her work, the protocols she has in place to follow, and the level of accuracy I receive when I enter the realm of the Akashic Records.

Oh, and did I mention the one-on-one training with Cheryl and her quick response to my questions and concerns? She is always only a click away.

I’ve taken a few online courses and this is by far the best course I have taken.

Cheryl‘s commitment to her work and her students is unparalleled.  She’s a true gem and I highly recommend her!“

SL, Ohio


To join the Akashic Records Intensive, you must complete the application below.

The Akashic Records Intensive is a monthly membership program. This means you pay a monthly subscription fee for as long as you are studying with me. You are not paying for a set number of courses or over a pre-determined amount of time. You are paying for monthly access. You may cancel at any time with a 30-day notice.

The Akashic Records Intensive uses Name-Your-Price pricing to open the doors to all people around the world, within all ages, and all economic situations.

The suggested monthly fee is $100 a month. When you apply, you indicate your monthly payment amount between $50 and $250 a month. If $50 is too much, there are a limited number of scholarships which you may apply for within the application. The name-your-price range for this Intensive is $50 to $250.









Additionally you may combine the Akashic Records Intensive with the One-on-One Mentorship and take advantage of a 75% discount. When you complete your application, just indicate your interest and the length of session you’d like.

After you submit your application, I will send an email confirming receipt of your application and will include a scheduling link for a 15-minute conversation about your application and whether or not we are a good fit.

You must be at least 18 years old, are open to learning new ideas, and feel you can receive feedback from me when necessary.

As an Akashic Records Intensive Student, you are agreeing to only use the method of opening the Akashic Records I will share with you within the first year of your study with me and only use my method during all course and workshop activity.

Many of my students have learned about the Akashic Records elsewhere — that’s awesome! However, what I share and teach is significantly different and it can be quite frustrating if you try to use another method while studying with me.

Akashic Records Intensive Application

"*" indicates required fields

Would you like to add the One-on-One Mentorship (with 75% discount for Intensive students)?

Course & Intensive FAQs

First know that all Intensives have rolling admissions and being when you are ready to begin. I work out a plan of study for you and work you into the schedule according to your availability and desired study pace.

Course Calendar: here is a chronological list of all courses and classes, month by month.

Course List: this is a comprehensive list of all workshop, class, and course offerings.

Find all course related information by clicking on Courses in the top navigation menu.

A registered student is someone who is either enrolled the Akashic Records Intensive. Or someone who has registered in either of the two Akashic Records introductory courses: Akashic Records for You or Akashic Records for Other.

A registered student is also someone enrolled in any of the Personal Power Workshops

Additionally, there are those who are learning with me through my books, especially Akashic Records Masterclass. I consider these folks as students as well -- though they might not be registered formally in a course.

All Personal Power Workshops are open for registration to everyone and do not require the ability to connect with the Akashic Records.

The introductory Akashic Records courses and all Akashic Records Monthly Group Workshops are included in the Akashic Records Intensive AND can also be purchase one by one.

Any course listed in the Self-Paced Course Library is available to anyone -- though the Akashic Records courses assume you have studied Cheryl's approach to connecting with the Akashic Records.

Advanced Akashic Records courses are open to non-Intensive students who have successfully passed the Challenge Exams.

Support is available during all live, in-person workshops and masterclasses. Just ask!

For Intensive students, there is a no-charge 15-minute checkin which can be schedule to speak privately with Cheryl.

Akashic Record Readings are available at an additional charge. For ongoing support and direct learning, registering for the One-on-One Mentorship is highly recommended.

Every live, in-person class, course, and workshop provides downloadable audio recordings with automated, written transcripts of all live, in-person classes. Videos come with captioning. Plus, captioning is available on Zoom. If you have needs not met here, please reach out to support@cherylmarlene.com.

For Intensive, there are no refunds of the monthly membership fee -- though you may cancel at any time.

For single purchase courses, there is no refund of any monies paid though you may withdraw at any time via written email request.

To receive lifetime access to any course, you must have completed all required and contracted payments.

All live, in-person workshops and masterclasses are held via Zoom. When you register for a course, you receive the connection link in the confirmation and 24-hour reminder emails.

You will need a reliable internet connection, preferably video-enabled, a relatively quiet space, and an openness to engage in online spaces.

Registered students have access to the online course or the Student Archive where all workshop and masterclass recordings are stored for future student use.

Akashic Records: Students must be 18 years or older, be willing to engage in online spaces, work independently and under self-initiative, and ask question when troubles or concerns arise.

Students are also required to only use Cheryl's Akashic Records approach and process during classes, abide by the Agreements made with the Akashic Records, maintain confidentiality within the workshop space, and be respectful of all participants.

We are happy to help! Please reach out to support using our contact form. Response is usually within one to two business days.