Akashic Records Master Class participation is unlimited for all ZENITH student.

Looking to dig deeper into your experience opening the Akashic Records?

Feeling like things aren’t quite right or you got questions?

Ready to work directly with Cheryl and other students?

Join me in Akashic Records Master Class! 

Powerful mastery with Akashic Records Master Class with Cheryl Marlene

Master Class is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Master your technique and understanding of opening the Akashic Records.
  • Fine tune connection, get questions answered, and master process.
  • Receive direct, personal assistance from me at any point in your Akashic learning.

As you begin your journey with the Akashic Records, you can feel somewhat isolated and can feel that venturing out of your private space is challenging and may not be helpful.

As you continue into the deeper layers, having monthly, focused group practice offers focused experience, expands capacity, and offers reassurance by connecting with other students learning just like you.

At advanced levels, Master Class attendance is mandatory and is the focus of the learning process.

Know this: you don’t have to say a thing. Just listen. Observe. Feel. Learn. Know that the connection with me and the other students in Master Class will support you to move forward, move deeper, and move beyond.

I offer Master Class at each level of learning.

In Master Class, Ask and Receive

Don’t hold back — ask your questions, voice your concerns, request help directly from me.

Every Master Class goes a bit differently because everyone is in a different place and needs something different than the last class.

Yet each Master Class always deals with questions and concerns.

In the process, you are learning about releasing limitations and learning solutions.

You are also benefitting from participating in a group and connecting with other students from around the world.

We laugh and discuss.  We learn and we release.

I work with everyone wherever they are.

Together we expand, moving into the next step of learning, loving, and laughing.

Master Class Empowers Your Learning

First Time Workshop

For both self and Other, this workshop is to give you extra support in your first time of opening the Akashic Records. I take you through the Agreements, blessing, visualization and process. By the end of the one hour class, you have put everything together and have practiced the process at least once. Now you are ready to participate in the general Master Classes and begin your practice in the Akashic Records.

For both Self and Other, First Time Workshop is held in the hour before Akashic Records Master Class.

Akashic Records Master Class

This is all about practice, fine-tuning, and digging deep. For both self and Other, I take the group through practice in opening and connecting with the Akashic Records. If you got questions, I do my best to respond. If you got connection issues, I help figure out cause and release whatever is in your way. As a group, we find support and common ground.

For self: Master Class is in the odd-months of the year on a Saturday morning.

For Other: Master Class is in the even-months of year on a Saturday morning.

Find upcoming Akashic Records Master Class dates in the Events Calendar.

Good to Know:

Master Class is offered via Zoom — wherever you are in the world you have access either through your computer, your phone (local number in most countries), or on a tablet. Audio and video are available, video is optional.

Akashic Records Master Class for Self is offered bi-monthly in the odd-numbered months.

Akashic Records Master Class for Other is offered bi-monthly in the even-numbered months.

Advanced Learning Master Class is offered every month.

Find upcoming Akashic Records Master Class dates in the Events Calendar.

Attendance at Master Class is unlimited for all registered students and monthly attendance is strongly encouraged.

All Master Classes are recorded and the recordings are available online in the Archive to all students.

If a student is not able to attend a call in-person, attendance may be completed by listening to the call recording.

Additionally, when not able to attend, questions may be submitted to me prior to class for me to answer during class.

Akashic Records Master Class is for ZENITH students only!

If you are a current student, you may attend as many Master Classes as you desire without charge.

To register for a class, go to your Student Dashboard on TheDeepRoad.com and in your current level, find registration links under the Master Class section.

All of my workshops, classes, and events (in addition to any one-one-one interaction) are governed by my Terms of Service and Client Information.

Before registering, I request that you read the Terms of Service and make certain you agree.

Registering for any workshop, class, or event with me is your way of indicating to me that you agree to abide by these Terms of Service.

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