Ready to learn how to open the Akashic Records?

You’ve found the right place!

Cheryl has been assisting people around the world learn how to open the Akashic Records for over twenty years within a powerful and innovative learning process.

In fact, Cheryl’s whole program is based on learning rather than teaching.

She is here, open to passing on all that she has learned, helping each student where they are, assisting them to move beyond expectation and fear, beyond blame and judgment.

Within the Akashic Records, trust and worthiness are the two most important lessons.

If you as a student ASK – in the asking you are already learning and experiencing trust and worthiness or where you may have issues with either.

How is the learning organized?

All the learning opportunities Cheryl offers help you work through what no longer serves you, so that you empower yourself to fully embrace self-trust and self-worth.

All learning and study of the Akashic Records rely on Cheryl’s signature Akashic Records Master Course – a five-volume series which offers an in-depth understanding of the soul energy dynamics of the Akashic Records.

Within this course, you learn how to open the Akashic Records for yourself and for Other. Because of the practical nature and the organization as lessons in the books, each volume is a workshop in a book.

Cheryl’s workshops have three distinct levels:

Open Your Akashic Records – here the journey begins with the Akashic Records within the powerful energy flow of your Records. While many topics of spiritual self-development are explored, the primary journey is releasing blocks to and expanding self-trust. Master Class provides the opportunity to dig in deep and release what does not serve your connection with the Records.  The two primary texts are Introduction to the Akashic Records and Open Your Akashic Records.

Open the Akashic Records for Other – your journey continues, as you learn to open Akashic Records for energy flows other than your own. Again, the learning material investigates many spiritual and personal transformation topics, though the primary intent is to support expanded awareness of self-worth. This level offers quarterly online workshops which offer direct experience along with the Reading Exchange and Master Class.

Advanced Learning – here the student goes into the deeper levels of Akashic Records studies. Cheryl offers several advanced learning opportunities plus the student can use Private Study and Master Class to follow personal interest and intention and to ask Cheryl for guidance, assistance, and the threads to deeper learning.

Cheryl’s workshops also have four formats:

Because of the depth, Cheryl offers workshops using the Akashic Records Master Course books as workshop manuals and has created a flexibility to suit a variety of learning styles and preferences. Most of the workshops within the Akashic Records Master Course offer learning within these four formats:

Solo – this format is entirely self initiated and self-directed. The student relies entirely on moving self through the Akashic Records Master Course on their own and purchases just the books. Many students going this route get either the print or digital versions plus the audiobook. They also include a Master Class once or twice or the online workshop of Open the Akashic Records for Other.

Group – this format relies on self initiated learning and expands to include the group offerings of a Master Class subscription and the Open the Akashic Records for Other online workshop.

Private– here the student seeks direct, private study with Cheryl as well as all the group opportunities of Master Class and the Open the Akashic Records for Other online workshops.

Intensive – this format is for the student who knows from the beginning that they want the deepest dive possible and they want direct monthly support from Cheryl. The Intensive is 15 months of learning across all three levels of Akashic Records study. This connection also allows the student to tailor their learning to personal interests and needs.

These are the essential study tools for anyone engaging with the Akashic Records Master Course.

Whether you study by workshop or book, these offerings from Cheryl will enliven your study and help you clarify both blocks and opportunities with the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Master Class offered by Cheryl Marlene
Master Class
Private Study in the Akashic Records with Cheryl Marlene
Private Study
Akashic Records Reading Exchange offered by Cheryl Marlene
Reading Exchange

Here are the core workshops which make up the Akashic Records Master Course.

All study in these workshops is available in the four formats described above.

Akashic Records Master Course Intensive with Cheryl Marlene
Open Your Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene
Open the Akashic Records for Other Workshop by Cheryl Marlene
Akashic Records Weekend Workshop with Cheryl Marlene

These two workshops expand on the learning in the core workshops.

Akashic Records Blessing Shift for Self with Cheryl Marlene
Akashic Records Blessing Shift for Other by Cheryl Marlene

These are the current Advanced workshops Cheryl offers:

Healing and Trauma in the Akashic Records offered by Cheryl Marlene
Offering Quality in the Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene