Ready to learn how to open the Akashic Records?

You’ve found the right place!

Cheryl has been helping people around the world learn how to open the Akashic Records for over twenty years within a powerful and innovative learning process.

Many teachers create a variety of workshops with hopes that these will be what students need.

Cheryl takes a different, student-led approach:

Within all learning opportunities, the student ASKS.

Just as an Akashic Record Reading is based on the ASK of the client, so is learning within the Akashic Records.

Cheryl trusts each student to be aware of what calls within to be answered and learned.

When you ask, you are establishing where your awareness is focused, what concerns you, and where you are ready to listen and accept self-responsibility.

When you ASK you are calling forward a specific flow of clarity for yourself.

You are opening a door and letting go whatever no longer serves you.

When you ASK, you are opening to new possibility and accepting a new perspective, releasing the old, outdated, no longer helpful.

This creates an infinitely more powerful learning foundation for the student than the typical teacher-does-for-the-student teaching style.

In fact, Cheryl’s whole program is based on learning rather than teaching.

She is here, open to passing on all that she has learned, helping each student where they are, assisting them to move beyond expectation and fear.

Within the Akashic Records, trust and worthiness are the two most important lessons.

If you as a student ASK – in the asking you are already learning and experiencing trust and worthiness or where you may have issues with either.

How is the learning organized?

Cheryl provides learning opportunities within three avenues:


Cheryl’s signature Akashic Records Master Course is a five-volume series which begins with an Introduction to the Akashic Records and then steps you through progressively deeper aspects of the Akashic Records. Available in print, ebook, audiobook, and large print, you are able to learn and experience the depth of the Akashic Records through Cheryl’s unique perspective of the Soul Energy Dynamics of the Akashic Records.

Master Class:

This monthly learning group provides any student direct access to Cheryl to ASK. Maybe you don’t feel you are able to clearly open the Akashic Records. Maybe you feel like you’ve hit a block. Or perhaps you want to drill further down into one of the topics in the Akashic Records Master Course. In Master Class Cheryl will respond to all questions and concerns, assist students in releasing blocks, move beyond limitation, or take you on a deep dive into learning and understanding. Master Class is for all levels of learning and exploration.

In Master Class the primary driver is the student and whatever the student wants to ASK. Cheryl loves to respond to student questions. Every Master Class is unique and fun, full of new perspective and deep learning.

Private Study

This is a scheduled session and provides the opportunity to work with Cheryl one-on-one and is available at any point in the student’s learning process.

Cheryl has also created two Private Study workshops for new students. In Open Your Akashic Records, the student learns to open their personal Akashic Records. To learn how to work in the Akashic Records for people and the world around, the second workshop is Open the Akashic Records for Other.

However you decide to learn, enjoy an empowering process of learning based within an innovative and unique understanding of the Soul Energy Dynamics of the Akashic Records.

These are the essential study tools for anyone engaging with the Akashic Records Master Course.

Whether you study by workshop or book, these offerings from Cheryl will enliven your study and help you clarify both blocks and opportunities with the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Master Class offered by Cheryl Marlene
Master Class
Private Study in the Akashic Records with Cheryl Marlene
Private Study
Akashic Records Reading Exchange offered by Cheryl Marlene
Reading Exchange

Here are the core workshops which make up the Akashic Records Master Course.

All study in these workshops is one-on-one with Cheryl.

Open Your Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene
Open the Akashic Records for Other Workshop by Cheryl Marlene
Akashic Records Weekend Workshop with Cheryl Marlene
Akashic Records Blessing Shift for Self with Cheryl Marlene
Akashic Records Blessing Shift for Other by Cheryl Marlene