Akashic Records Master Course Workshops

Over the more than twenty years that Cheryl has been a Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records, she has received thousands of questions and worked with hundreds of students around the world to help them access the Akashic Records.

From this scope of knowledge and experience comes the Akashic Records Master Course — an intensive series of books which take the student through the many paths of the Akashic Records.

Along with the books are a powerful offering of workshops for the serious spiritual seeker.

All the workshops are listed below.

Know that each student approaches these workshops from the unique context of their lives.

The workshops are built with this in mind and respond to the flexibility required by each student.

With the exception of the intensive group work of  Connection Clinic and Master Class, all of the workshops are offered as one-one-one study experiences directly with Cheryl.

You may choose one or two workshops now, and come back later for more.

You may feel that diving solely into the books of the Akashic Records Master Course is the right path now for you.

The Akashic Records Master Course Essentials of Master Class, Connection Clinic, Reading Exchange, and Private Study are all the perfect options for those student who choose to study within the books only. Plus these Essentials are included in all workshops.

Or if you are ready to make an 18-month commitment to yourself, then the Akashic Records Master Course Intensive (all of the workshops!) may be for you.

Take a look, give some thought to what you want and where you want spiritual study to take you.

If the time is now and you know Cheryl is your teacher, then jump in!

P.S. Not all books have a workshop and not all workshops have a book!

These are the essential study tools for anyone engaging with the Akashic Records Master Course.

Whether you study by workshop or book, these offerings from Cheryl will enliven your study and help you clarify both blocks and opportunities with the Akashic Records.

Here are the core workshops which make up the Akashic Records Master Course.

All study in these workshops is one-on-one with Cheryl.

Akashic Records Master Course

Release Date: December 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

Workshop: Akashic Records Master Course Intensive


The Akashic Records Master Course is an eight-volume book series. Each book will be presented in a easy-to-access format of lessons with summary knowledge from Cheryl.

This is a unique publication with the scope of the Akashic Records as it addresses the entirety of the Akashic Records path as well as provide history and information about the energetics of how and why the Akashic Records work.

This Master Course comes from the depth of experience and knowledge of a master teacher and is geared to take the student down the Deep Road of the Akashic Records.