Akashic Records Master Course

An nine-volume master series publishing now through December 2019

Each volume available in ebook, print, and audio

Author’s Note:

Over the more than twenty years that I have been a Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records, I have received thousands of questions and worked with hundreds of students around the world to help them access the Akashic Records.

From this scope of knowledge and experience comes the Akashic Records Master Course — an intensive series of books which take the student through the many paths of the Akashic Records.

From history to the steps of the spiritual journey, from opening your Akashic Records to opening the Akashic Records for Other, this series covers the depth of the Akashic Records just as it is titled: this is a master course.

The first volume, Introduction to the Akashic Records, is now available as a free download from this website and will soon be available in print and audiobook formats.

The second volume, Open Your Akashic Records, will be published in September 2019.

The entire series will be out by December 2019.

Akashic Records Workshops are also available — and students are now using the advanced readers’ copies of the books. When the series is complete there will be workshops associated with most of the books.

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Here’s all the information I have right now about the upcoming series.

Introduction to the Akashic Records

How to Understand the Akashic Records, Hear the Story of Your Soul, and Connect with Divine Knowing

Release Date: Already published as a free ebook. Print and audiobook formats coming soon.

Available Formats: Ebook (now available), Print (coming out soon), Audiobook (coming out soon)

To learn more: Introduction to the Akashic Records


As an Akashic Records teacher and guide, I’ve received thousands of questions over the last two decades about my work and about how to open the Akashic Records and work with them yourself.

To demystify the process and discover what’s possible when you work with the Akashic Records — I’ve put together this easy-to-digest, quick read to answer the most common questions.

I’ve framed this introduction as a series of conversations based on some of the real and most important discussions that I’ve had.

Open Your Akashic Records

Trust Your Truth, Open Your Heart to Deep Knowing, and Find Your  Soul’s Spiritual Practice

Release Date: September 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

Workshop: Open Your Akashic Records


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on in your life: work, family, friends, health, and commitments vying for your attention.

You’re constantly connected, and it’s hard to get through the urgent things that need your attention to focus on what’s important. The news. Social media. The unending to-do list.

Yet no matter how busy you get, it’s still there. That voice telling you there are important things you’re supposed to be doing. Questions you need to ask. New paths to explore and adventures to experience.

Important things, like figuring out what you really want, breaking through the patterns that keep holding you back, and getting really clear about the unique contribution you’re supposed to make while you’re here.

A call: to deeper relationships with yourself, your purpose, and the possibilities in the world around you.

For many serious spiritual seekers, finding the Akashic Records is like coming home.

This vast repository of insight, divine knowing, and support can help you navigate even the most difficult aspects of your journey.

Every day, I teach people how to open their Akashic Records, and set them on a powerful personal journey of finding trust, learning to hear the truth of your heart, and open yourself to the universal mysteries of divine knowing.

Open the Akashic Records for Other

Step into Your Potential as a Reader, Connect Other to the Akashic Records, Deepen Your Connection with the Universal Mysteries

Release Date: October 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

Workshop: Open the Akashic Records for Other


You took the leap and responded to the call – to go deeper, to discover your soul, to invite the collective wisdom of the Akashic Records into your life by learning to open your Akashic Records.

Learning in the Akashic Records for yourself takes your perspective and universal connections to a whole new level. You’ve opened a direct channel to inspiration, insight, and support that can help you navigate the most difficult, most profound, and most beautiful parts of your life’s journey.

But what’s next? When you’re called to go deeper?

You long to know more, to heal more deeply, to connect with other people in the depths.

Or maybe your soul sings out to forge deeper connections with clients and bring this level of clarity and access to the work you’re already doing.

For others, you may be called to the mysteries, to explore the Akashic Records as an avenue to tease out the secrets buried in ancient stones, to connect with Universal Energies, to view life and divine possibility through an entirely new lens.

If so, you’re ready to learn to open the Akashic Records for Other.

Other = all flows of energy which are not you.

Expand Your Akashic Records Practice

Release Date: September 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

Five Steps of the Spiritual Journey

Release Date: September 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

History of the Akashic Records

Release Date: September 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

Advanced Paths in the Akashic Records

Release Date: October 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

Soul Energy Dynamics

Release Date: October 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

Healing and Trauma in the Akashic Records

Release Date: November 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

Akashic Records Master Course

Release Date: December 2019

Available Formats: Ebook, Print, Audiobook

Workshop: Akashic Records Master Course Intensive


The Akashic Records Master Course is an eight-volume book series. Each book will be presented in a easy-to-access format of lessons with summary knowledge from Cheryl.

This is a unique publication with the scope of the Akashic Records as it addresses the entirety of the Akashic Records path as well as provide history and information about the energetics of how and why the Akashic Records work.

This Master Course comes from the depth of experience and knowledge of a master teacher and is geared to take the student down the Deep Road of the Akashic Records.