Ready to learn how to open the Akashic Records?

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I have been assisting people around the world learn how to open the Akashic Records for over twenty years within a powerful and innovative learning process.

In fact, my the entire program of Akashic Records Mastery Workshops is based on learning rather than teaching.

I am here, open to passing on all that I have learned, helping each student where they are, assisting them to move beyond expectation and fear, beyond blame and judgment, into the depths of their hearts and the paths of their souls.

Within the Akashic Records, trust, truth, and worthiness are the most important lessons.

Opening the Akashic Records is coming home to the best of yourself!

Learning to open the Akashic Records was a deeply personal experience for me – and has continued to be one of powerful support for over twenty years.

Powerful because instead of finding some outside truth, the path of the Akashic Records led me to myself and the truth of my heart.

This above all else was a learning process – led by the questions I asked.

Vulnerability. Openness. Courage. Risk.

All required and lovingly supported by the process of learning to open the Akashic Records!

The emphasis on learning means that instead of being pushed into a mold, you are supported in finding your individual path to deepest connection.

The process I offer provides a structure, a framework for you to find your deep road.

The Akashic Records fill your need for deep study.

Trust Your Truth

Hearing and recognizing your truth reinforces your ability to trust.

Trust leads to truth leads to trust in a continual spiral path of opening, discovery, and integration.

Envision a lotus blossom, rising in trust from the pond’s muck to reveal the essence of truth.

Learning to open your own Akashic Records is like the lotus: a beautiful process of self-illumination.

Learning the process of opening your Akashic Records can be done in about sixty minutes.

Learning to trust yourself within your connection with your Akashic Records is an unfolding, progressive process of self-discovery which lasts a lifetime.

Open Your Heart to Deeper Knowing

This is not about getting rote answers.

This is about learning to connect to your powerful voice of truth.

First you go beyond expectation and blame.

Then fear loses its hold on your life.

Judgment disappears.

What remains is the brilliance of your being, illuminated from within.

Step-by-step you dig down, finding your deep road, trusting to hear your truth through your heart.

Find Your Soul’s Spiritual Practice

The workshop offers a series of lessons which take you step-by-step into your Akashic Records

Then you get LOTS of practice across a broad range of topics related to your life’s journey.

Along the way you learn how the Akashic Records work – always beginning with energy and soul perspective.

You connect your soul with your body, mind, and heart.

You integrate daily life with spiritual experience.

In my Akashic Records Mastery workshops, you will learn the three benefits of the Akashic Records:

  • Knowing – your deep process of self-awareness
  • Healing – finding balance throughout your body, mind, heart, and soul.
  • Spiritual Practice – living and learning within spiritual and physical integration.

The Akashic Records are not a single destination, rather they are a path of resonance which connects the best of your with the infinite and eternal aspects of All That Is.

In learning to access the Akashic Records, you don’t need training wheels.

Instead, you need a supportive environment to follow your heart, connect with your truth, and respond to The Call of your soul.

Each level of Akashic Records Mastery provides these Essentials for deep learning:

Master Class:  Monthly we gather as a community to learn about the Akashic Records together. Questions asked and answered. Blocks released. Inner truth revealed.

Online Workshop: each level has direct time with me to learn firsthand the process of opening me Akashic Records. I help each student connect, adjusting process as needed by each individual. The Archive contains previous workshop recordings for your learning process.

Akashic Records Master Course: this is my signature book series about opening the Akashic Records and is the curriculum for each level of Akashic Records Mastery. As a student you receive complementary copies within each level.

Akashic Records Mastery Archive: here you find audio and video library of past master classes and workshops.

Sage Advice: my student newsletter to keep you informed.

Reading Exchange: when you begin to open the Akashic Records for other, the worst place to practice is with friends and family. Reading Exchange provides practice opportunities with other students to expand your capacity when you are ready to go beyond.

Private Study: optional direct, one-on-one time with me to learn and release. You may also ask for an Akashic Record Reading from me during this time.

Each level of Akashic Records Mastery includes these essential elements with access as long as you are my student. Attend as many workshops as you would like. Attend master class monthly. Listen to the archive recordings. All intended to support your learning and your personal process of expansion and transformation.

How is your learning organized?

Akashic Records Mastery Workshops offer three levels of study.

Level One:
Open Your Akashic Records

Your journey begins with your Akashic Records and includes many topics of spiritual self-development and transformation. The primary aim is releasing blocks to and expanding self-trust to assist you in feeling you can access your inner, personal truth. The bi-monthly Online Workshop explains the process and supports you as you take your first steps into your Akashic Records. Master Class provides the opportunity to dig in deep and release what does not serve your connection with the Records.  The two primary texts are Introduction to the Akashic Records and Open Your Akashic Records. Private Study is optional. One time program fee and all Learning Essentials are open and available to you as long as you are my student

Level Two:
Open the Akashic Records for Other – your journey continues as you learn to open Akashic Records for energy flows other than your own. Again, the learning material investigates many spiritual and personal transformation topics, though the primary intent is to support expanded awareness and experience of self-worth. Level Two offers quarterly online workshops which offer direct experience along with the Reading Exchange and Master ClassPrivate Study is optional. One time program fee and all Learning Essentials are open and available as long as you are my student

Level Three:
Advanced Learning in the Akashic Records
– this is a continuous learning program of deep exploration into the depth and breadth of all aspects of the Akashic Records.  The student goes into the deeper levels of Akashic Records studies primarily through a monthly online workshop, personal research, and Reading Exchanges with fellow students. Topics range across the continuum of possibility and sometimes are announced in advance and sometimes are presented without prior notice.  My intention is to bring forward new perspectives and deep learning relevant to each student and to the current world environment. I offer several advanced learning opportunities plus the student can use Private Study and Master Class to follow personal interest and intention and to ask me for guidance, assistance, and the threads to deeper learning.  Because of the continuous nature of this level, participation is based on a monthly or annual subscription. As in all levels, all Learning Essentials are open and available as long as you are my student.

All Three Levels:
Akashic Records Mastery Intensive – when you feel a strong call to the Akashic Records and know that this is the time and the place to make the deep dive in your students, then the Intensive is here especially for you. You commit to all three levels and you commit to combining this with monthly Private Study to have the opportunity to work one-on-one with me at the deepest levels.

Akashic Records Mastery Workshops Review

Every level of Akashic Records Mastery includes these Learning Essentials:

  • Online Workshops — via Zoom. Bi-monthly for Level One and Level Two. Monthly for Level Three
  • Akashic Records Mastery Archive — audio/video library of Master Class and Online Workshops
  • Student Newsletter

Akashic Records Mastery consists of these core workshops:

Additional, advanced learning opportunities include:


If you have any questions you’d like to ask about Akashic Records Mastery or learning with me, I’d love to hear from you!

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In Joy!


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