Akashic Records Professional Reader Certification qualifies the Akashic Record Reader in three important areas of mastery within the Akashic Records.

Excellence & Professionalism is demonstrated by an Akashic Record Reader in three areas of Mastery:

Akashic Records Mastery

Akashic Records Mastery

Going beyond myth and stereotype, the Reader understands and connects with the Akashic Records from the perspective of soul energy dynamics.

Maintaining Agreements, the Reader is open to receiving for self and Other beyond personal belief and consistently keeps personal opinion and expectation out of any Akashic Records interaction.

Following The Call, the Reader has in-depth experience, learning, and training and practice across the depth and breadth of the Akashic Records.

The Reader conducts research and exploration within the Akashic Records moving beyond assumption and developing methods to validate and incorporate new knowing and wisdom.

The Reader provides a quality Akashic Record Reading to all who ask.

Professional Reader Mastery

Professional Reader Mastery

Through training and case studies, the Reader demonstrates understanding and capacity as a Witness of the Flow, Speak of Truth, and Holder of Sacred Space.

The Reader has received advanced training to expand capacity as a Reader, to incorporate advanced skill and technique, and to open the door to new innovations and knowing.

The Reader demonstrates understand and ability to maintain appropriate personal and professional boundaries in all aspects of their work with the Akashic Records.

Utilizing advanced training, the Reader develops techniques and advanced Readings to assist people find joyful, beneficial, and peaceful life expression.

The Reader creates a business which adheres to the ethical framework of the Akashic Records Agreements, clearly communicates terms of service, and follows all applicable laws and legal requirements, and creates a system to maintain these Agreements and requirements.

Personal Power Mastery

Personal Power Mastery

The Reader is always learning.

The Reader demonstrates awareness of their personal life’s journey, acceptance of personal power, and ability to continually learn, grow, and expands.

The Reader accepts Power-Within and connects in the world thro9ugh Power-With.

The Reader engages in on-going study and training both for self and within the Akashic Records.

The Reader trusts self, seeks truth within, and lives within the belief that personal worth is intrinsic.

How is this Certification Program Organized?

Akashic Records Professional Reader Certification is a nine-month program which takes qualified applicants through a process of demonstrating mastery in these three areas: Akashic Records, Professional Reader, and Personal Power.

Those who successfully complete this process are awarded Certificate of Excellence: Professional Akashic Record Reader.

The program has two points of interaction:

  • Accountability Master Class – held monthly this is a time of learning and a time for you to show up and be accountable about yo9ur process towards Certification.
  • Private Study with Cheryl – scheduled monthly, this is time to receive personal instruction from Cheryl especially on improving Reading delivery, releasing personal blocks, and creating all the elements of your professional expression as an Akashic Record Reader. This will also be time to review your case studies with Cheryl.

Study within the Certification program has these elements.

  • Case studies to explore, define, and incorporate all aspects of a quality Akashic Record Reading.
  • Information and group work to define your expression of master as an Akashic Record Reader, your profile and brand as a Reader, and the profile of your top client.
  • Information on best practices as a professional Reader including scheduling, newsletter, and website plus legal and financial systems.
  • Assessment and improvement of your Opening and Closing Dialogue, Client Information Sheet, and Akashic Records elevator speech.
  • Connection with and support of a group of fellow students.
  • Monthly one-on-one support from me through Private Study.


Application Requirements:

Applicant must be complete with the first three levels of ZENITH and will soon either finish or enter Level Four.

Applicant must have done the work to receive Certificates of Successful Completion for all levels of ZENITH. If the requirements have not yet been met, if the required work is completed before the beginning of the program, application may be made.

Application Process:

Next Certification Cohort begins February 2023 and goes through October 2023.

Please check Events Calendar for all scheduled Accountability Sessions – listed on calendar as Reader Certification. Attendance at these sessions is mandatory.

The program tuition is $275 a month for 9 months or a one-time payment of $2400.

I also offer an additional three-month option of Private Study in which I will personally analyze, help edit, suggest, and create refinements and additions to your website, branding, and services. This is $275/month or a one-time payment $800 with a three month commitment with three additional Private Study sessions with me.

Complete the application form and schedule a 15-minute checkin with me to discuss your application.

Akashic Records Professional Reader Certification Application

Which levels have you received Certificates of Successful Completion?(Required)
Which payment plan works for you?
Do you want to participate in the additional three-months of assessment? ($275/month)

All of my seminars, workshops, classes, and events (in addition to any one-one-one interaction) are governed by my Terms of Service and Client Information.

Before registering, I request that you read the Terms of Service and make certain you agree.

Registering for any workshop, class, or event with me is your way of indicating to me that you agree to abide by these Terms of Service.

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ZENITH: Personal Power Mastery through the Akashic Records

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