Akashic Records Q&A

Monthly group workshop to ask questions, explore the universe, and find a new way to see your life!

Powerful and life-changing, the Q&A with the Akashic Records instills a sense of peace and alignment with self.

Akashic Records Q&A with Cheryl Marlene

Ever wonder why angels have wings?

Or how souls begin their journeys?

Maybe you’d like a place to check-in on climate change, gender change, or global change?

Maybe you’ve noticed a trend you’d like to understand?

Or you have a question about energy, the universe, or the divine?

Akashic Records Q&A is a free, monthly Zoom workshop where you may ask questions of the Akashic Records, hear new information, and see the world from a new perspective.

The format is simple.

Folks ask questions.

The Akashic Records respond.

Even though this is not a time for personal questions, the energy flow of the group has a way of answering the personal and the relevant. And there are an unlimited number of question to ask.

Plus, you will feel the comfort and power of group connection where strangers gather in common purpose for learning and understanding.

Come join us! Draw near and find peace.


Upcoming Akashic Records Q & A

Second Friday of the Month at 1pm Central!

Register and attend in person via Zoom

Good to Know!

This workshop happens on the Second Friday of the month at 1pm Central.

There is no charge for this event.

Those who are registered will be given access to the full recording after the session — even if you are not able to attend

I will also give access to the recording for anyone who asks a question which is answered during a session.

2023 Dates

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