Akashic Records Q&A

Instilling a sense of peace while answering questions about the world and the universal mysteries often left unanswered or misunderstood.

Live Zoom event open to all!

Ask questions, explore the universe, and find your path in life!

Ever wonder why angels have wings? Or how souls begin their journeys?

Maybe you’d like a place to check-in on climate change, gender change, or global change?

Maybe you’ve noticed a trend you’d like to understand?

Or you have a question about energy, the universe, or the divine?

Akashic Records Q&A is a free monthly Zoom workshop where you may ask questions of the Akashic Records, hear new information, and see the world from a new perspective.

The format is simple.

Folks ask questions.

The Akashic Records respond.

Even though this is not a time for specific personal questions, the energy flow of the group has a way of answering the personal and the relevant.

Plus, you will feel the comfort and power of group connection where strangers gather in common purpose for learning and understanding.

Come join us! Draw near and find peace and understanding.

Wondering how this goes?

What kind of questions do folks ask?
What are the responses from the Akashic Records?

Here are a few examples:

Q: To manage change, does it truly come back to being self-aware?

Q: Within space and time, is consciousness the empty space that lets everything be?

Q: When people take substances like Ayahuasca, what happens?

Q: How can we raise the vibration of others?

Q: What revelations can we expect from the James Webb telescope of the photos of our distant past?


Ask questions, explore the universe, and find your path in life!

This workshop is usually on the Second Friday at 11am Central.

I use Name-Your-Price pricing to support accessibility for everyone no matter where you are located in the world. Intensive students may attend with no charge.









When you register, you will received a confirmation email and then an reminder email 24 hours before — both emails have a Zoom link for you to use to connect with the workshop session.

To register: Choose the day and time you want to attend and enter your information.