Are you eager to learn how to open your Akashic Records?

But … maybe … you are anxious and wanting to be sure you get it right?

Maybe you’d like to dip your toe in the water before taking the deep dive into all of the Akashic Records . . .

Akashic Records Quick-Start Workshop is a focused, one-hour private workshop with me on how to access YOUR Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Workshop with Cheryl Marlene

What is your journey into your Akashic Records in this workshop?

You get access to the workshop material on my website.

You receive free digital copies of my best-selling books, Introduction to the Akashic Records and Open Your Akashic Records

You begin with a reading assignment.

Plus there is video to watch where I talk about the Agreements you make to connect with the Akashic Records.

You schedule your first private workshop for a time which works for you.

When we meet for the workshop, I will take you through the Blessing and opening process, providing tips and clarifying any how-to questions you might have.

Most importantly, during the our time together there will be opportunities for you to put this all into practice as you access your Akashic Records following my direction and with my support. By the end of the workshop you will have open your Akashic Records several times.

After the workshop, Open Your Akashic Records is filled with lessons and practices to help you follow your path in your Akashic Records. This book will be your foundation and your guidebook for your journey.

Additionally, I include a 30-minute Private Study with me after the workshop to drill down into what works for you, clarify the process, and help you let go of anything standing in your way.

Here are the differences between someone who is opening their Akashic Records a year after beginning — instead of the person who stops after a month or two. The successful beginner:

Practices — this is what gets you past doubt and moves you into confidence with your connection with the Akashic Records

Asks questions — when something doesn’t make sense

Seeks assistance — instead of assuming you know it all and don’t need guidance

Here’s my intention for you in this workshop:

I’ve been helping folks from around the world learn to open the Akashic Records for over twenty years.

I have designed this Akashic Records Quick-Start Workshop For You to help you get over the hump and let go of whatever has been holding you back.

Like its name, this workshop is a quick start!

From a ton of experience, I know that the difference between can and can’t is simply being able to ask for help from someone who knows the process and understands how to help you get around your blocks.

In this one-hour private workshop with me, I show you the process and help you learn to enter your Akashic Records with confidence.

There is time to practice.

There is time to ask questions.

There is time to get my assistance if something is holding you back.

This Akashic Records Workshop is a focused experience to get you quickly connecting with your Akashic Records.

Plus all workshop participants receive all of the following essentials:

  • One-hour private session with me via Zoom with the audio recording shared afterwards
  • Digital copies of my best-selling books, Introduction to the Akashic Records and Open Your Akashic Records.
  • Reading and video assignments to get you going before the workshop
  • Reader’s Packet for reference during the workshop
  • Completion Checklist to guide your study and practice after the workshop
  • Thirty-Minute Private Study with me after the workshop to get direct personal assistance and reinforce all that you are learning
  • Upgrade path to join my premier Akashic Records Program, ZENITH

If you would like to meet me before choosing a level of study or have questions about what to choose or if you are ready, please make a 15-minute prospective student appointment with me!

What Folks Are Saying!

Cheryl Marlene is the world’s leading teacher, author, and thought leader on the Akashic Records. A reading with her was transformative; her courses changed my understanding of possibility. If you’re ready to deep dive into the Records and want to be challenged, supported, and educated, choose this path. She’s the best at what she does, at truly every level.

— Liz, Massachusetts

I am grateful that I have had Cheryl in my life for the past 2 years. Her energy and insight have been a positive influence for me during some dark times. She has helped me to focus on finding the light in every situation, believing in my own capabilities and has been a source of positive energy at a much needed time in my life. I look forward to learning more from her each time we interact and feel blessed that our paths have crossed. I would highly recommend that anyone spend some time with her and it won’t take long to determine just how much of a positive influence she is and that she practices what she teaches.

— Jim, Arizona

I am re-watching the first lesson in our Level Three course and this thought just came to me and I want to share it with you: You hold the keys to the Universe and I want to thank you for unlocking these doors for me. Before you, I didn’t even know these doors existed. Now, as I step through these doors, the potential of my Universe is unfolding and I am full of wonder, awe, and happiness!

— Stephanie, Ohio

Let me be clear: this quick-start workshop will get you going into accessing your Akashic Records. . . . which is what most people need.

However, if you are a serious spiritual seeker looking for access to the depth and breadth of the Akashic Records, then you will either want to follow the upgrade path from this workshop into ZENITH or apply for ZENITH now.

Also please know that sometimes, there are personal blocks which hold students back from accessing clearly from the beginning. This is why I offer the 30-minute Private Study session with me after the workshop.

Know that sometimes, there is more work to be done than what can happen in 30-minutes. Any additional Private Study with me is not included in this workshop and can be purchased at student rates if you desire more for any reason.

Bottomline: you must believe you can learn and that you are willing to ask for help if the going gets tough. I can share with you a process which works and help you create a firm foundation. But, I can’t give you belief — that’s for you to find within you!

Workshop Fee: $299

Upcoming Dates:

Because this is one-on-one, you choose your workshop date after you register!

Please give yourself at least a week to complete the pre-workshop assignment.

Register Today!

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Plus after registering, you may use your email address and the password you create to log in immediately and begin!

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