Akashic Records Research Group

Akashic Records Research Group with Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Records Research Group is an intensive group focus for deep exploration into the depth and breadth of the Akashic Records.

We go beyond current perspectives, breaking glass ceilings, challenging boundaries, and leaning into the effect of current and future universal shift.

The Akashic Records are so much more than a book in a library and offer possibility unimagined yesterday.

Pushing beyond, the Akashic Records Research Group uses an innovative process of exploration unique in Akashic Records studies. All that we do is based on my innovations and ability to move forward within the complexities in an organized, thoughtful manner.

We meet monthly — see the Events Calendar for dates and times.

Generally speaking, you must have successfully completed all three levels of Akashic Records Mastery with me. If you have an interest, I am willing to consider your participation after you have finished the first module of Level Three.

While you are in the Research Group, you are also engaged in direct study with me through Private Study. If you are not able to attend the monthly meetings, then you can work through both group and personal research projects with me in Private Study.

The participation cost is based on Private Study.

To join the Akashic Records Research Group, you must complete the following application and be prepared to begin monthly Private Study with me if you are not already involved at this level.

Akashic Records Research Group