Overcome the unknown and harness the power of the Akashic Records in your next project!

Akashic Records research can provide a new perspective on your most important project challenges.

Especially those projects where you need information and understanding not available in traditional professional or academic avenues.

From cold cases to ransomware challenges, from understanding historical events and sacred sites to the multi-dimensional and extra-terrestrial, there is almost nothing which can’t be addressed.

My clients include individuals, executives, corporations, think tanks, foundations, and groups of individuals working together toward shared strategic goals.

Akashic Records Research Projects with Cheryl Marlene

What can be the focus of an Akashic Records Research Project?

First, the applications are endless.

The Akashic Records can be worked with in many ways including with people plus all sorts of non-human energy (think businesses, the Earth, and more). Plus perspectives past, present, and future; local, non-local, multidimensional, and extra-terrestrial.

For example, over the past twenty-five years, I’ve worked with clients who have leveraged insights from the Akashic Records to do research including:

Shape a company’s strategic direction

Create products or new businesses by utilizing the Records for financial, business, and marketing insight

Analyze underperformance and identify avenues for success

Anticipate the future especially within an individual project, business, or industrial sector

Develop creative projects from novels to screenplays

Analyze and recover blocked or ransomed computer networks

Connect with deities, multi-dimensional energy, and extraterrestrial beings

View and understand historical events and the possible truths surrounding unsolved closed cases & other mysteries

Unlock mythological truths, recover artifacts, and discover new sources of ancient wisdom

Launch entirely new healing modalities

Understand the root causes of and timely responses to emergent disease and contagion

Uncover the deeper meanings of sacred sites and their connection to celestial bodies and multi-dimensional portals

…and much more!

How does a Research Project Work?

Begin by scheduling a Research Reading with Me

With every client, I begin with a one-hour session where we discuss the project intentions and objectives.

I open the Akashic Records, respond to questions and concerns, and in about 40% of cases, that’s all it takes to resolve the dilemma.

However, usually this first session will determine:

  • If the project can be successful with additional work in the Akashic Records
  • How to structure this research
  • An estimated timeframe to completion

I never know what to expect or what is possible until I begin to look.

Research in the Akashic Records is often like looking for buried treasure and can be revealed in a moment or span an expansive timeframe.

And occasionally, a client has a larger vision . . .

They’re not interested in expanding their own skillset or answering a couple of questions.

They need a deeper dive, which in some cases is hours of work.

In others, extensive inquiries take years to unfold when managed through the lens of an experienced Akashic Records researcher and can be explored in stages.

I can help you determine whether the Akashic Records is the right place to bring your query, what information you might gather, and how best to approach your project.

Then you decide if this is the path to your vision!

What Folks Are Saying!

Cheryl Marlene is the world’s leading teacher, author, and thought leader on the Akashic Records.

A reading with her was transformative; her courses changed my understanding of possibility.

If you’re ready to deep dive into the Records and want to be challenged, supported, and educated, choose this path.

She’s the best at what she does, at truly every level.

— Liz, Massachusetts

Hello! I am Cheryl Marlene,

Akashic Mystic, Futurist, and Trailblazer in the Akashic Records

When it comes to research in the Akashic Records, I provide a unique service with an innovative edge you’ll not find elsewhere.

I can help you determine whether the Akashic Records is the right place to bring your project query, what information you might gather, and how best to approach your project.

With more than two decades of experience:

I bring together the Akashic Records with other modalities and unlimited streams of knowledge.

I can help you explore topics and questions from a wide variety of angles.

Plus, I use cutting edge methodologies to do more with the Akashic Records than ever before.

I am uniquely positioned to help you create, expand, and accomplish your vision.

How will I approach your Project?

Conducting research in the Akashic Records is one of my greatest passions and work I find deeply fulfilling!

If you’d like to discuss your needs, please schedule a one-hour session with me and provide the requested information about your project.

We will have this time together and then based on the suggestions in the session, my availability, and alignment with your needs, I will create a research proposal with these elements:

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Specific goals for the project, from identifying the research questions and objectives to determining possible outputs and validation points

Scope of work, including how much time will be spent in the Akashic Records and whether I will work as your sole researcher or manage a trusted team of Akashic Records researchers that I assemble for you

Identifying other avenues of research in addition to the Akashic Records and coordination or execution of this research

Plan a format for sharing your final results, from a written report to a live conversation or presentation

Identify future and related avenues of research if you want to expand into a wider scope

All research projects are governed by a contract outlining our agreements, and where required, a comprehensive or limited non-disclosure agreement.

Though, as with all clients, I maintain strict confidentiality and leave disclosure of what is attained through any work done on your behalf to you and only you.

To give you an idea of some of the steps I might use in your project, read this article: How to do Research in the Akashic Records.


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