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Akashic Records School

The Akashic Records School

We are a community of Spiritual Guides in the Akashic Records

Exploring the Soul’s Journey

We come together:

  • To learn and explore;
  • To examine self, releasing all which no longer serves; and
  • To innovate and expand within the loving perspective of the Akashic Records.

As Spiritual Guides we embrace the Akashic Records as the soul’s spiritual practice. A Spiritual Guide provides a bridge of understanding between the soul’s perspective and the human experience such that all engaging with us find the support to find and embrace their own paths to clarity, truth, transformation and exuberant living. We acknowledge we are each on a journey to understand self and to find within deeper levels of spiritual and physical integration.

The Akashic Records School is at the leading edge of understanding and research within the Akashic Records. Our work with and in the Akashic Records is based on the innovative, leading-edge work of the School’s Founder Cheryl Marlene and progresses within the expanding understanding of both Cheryl and the School Community.

With 20 years of experience, Cheryl has brought forward an understanding of the Akashic Records which explains the spiritual energetic dynamics in easy-to-understand yet profound terms. Her understanding has provided a bridge to understanding the soul origin perspective of the Akashic Records, moving us beyond parlor trick and the limitations of the heavenly library metaphor so often employed. This dynamic approach allows students to experience deep connection, deep healing, and deep shift within themselves, releasing all that no longer serves

Cheryl began the Akashic Records School several years ago after much prodding by the Records themselves and by students. The School’s curriculum was created by Cheryl to provide crucial support as you learn about all levels of the Akashic Records as a process of spiritual practice and the experience of soul learning within physical-spiritual integration.

As Spiritual Guides we have completed our studies within the Akashic Records through the Sage Path. The Sage Path is the intensive training program developed and offered exclusively by Cheryl through the School. Advanced studies in the School happen within the Soul Star Path, another unique process of study developed and taught by Cheryl, where soul healing work is offered within the Soul Channel and the divine assistance of the Akashic Records.

Luminous Community

The Akashic Records School exists as a sacred Luminous Community where both individual and community offer illumination to each other. Vulnerable sharing, the basis of our community, occurs when one is willing to risk personal truth and step into the self-growth and self-expansion available within self-study and participation in the community. The Akashic Records School affirms these Five Principles of Luminous Community.


Truth is the beginning and the focal point, like the center of a wheel. Truth is also the essence of the flow. What is my truth today, in this moment?


Intention is about how you follow truth, the direction of flow. What do I decide in this moment of truth? If this is my truth, what do I think or act or decide?


Vulnerability is the willingness to risk, to step into uncertainty. In vulnerability you are willing to risk your truth, to risk that change is necessary in this moment. What do I let go in this moment to be in balance with my truth?


Integrity is alignment with truth. Integrity is your willingness to show up as committed, to be responsible to self and to community with the agreements and commitments you make with self and Other.


Joy is pure alignment with the love of your heart and openness to the amazing flow of this moment. In community, we are not alone. We are in community to experience and to claim enjoyment of being who we are and how we connect with community.