Welcome to the Akashic Records School!

Where souls experience illumination, one heart at a time.

The Akashic Records School is the premier global school for Akashic Records learning, professional development, and research.

Based on the award-winning, best-selling work of Founder Cheryl Marlene, the School is known for its ability to meet each student where they are and assist them to go beyond whatever they dare dream possible.

Our Akashic Records study programs have these primary elements of excellence:


All workshops and courses include in-person teacher and community connection plus opportunities for Private Study with Cheryl


Based on Cheryl’s incredible innovation and unique understanding of the soul energy dynamics of the Akashic Records, all content and areas of learning provide uniquely deep opportunities for experience and practice within the Akashic Records


The focus of all studies within the Akashic Records School is to learn about the Akashic Records through the life-changing lens of Personal Power Mastery and Physical-Spiritual Integration.


The range of learning opportunities within the Akashic Records School is unparalleled. From quick-start introductory workshops to the intensive commitment and incredible possibility of ZENITH, there is a place for all students to begin and progress at their own pace.

Our Akashic Records Learning Programs

Our learning programs are available for the beginner to the advanced, from personal to professional, from introductory to the most intensive available anywhere.

ZENITH is Cheryl’s premier program with four levels of comprehensive and progressive study. Because of it’s intensive nature, this program is for the person ready to commit to deep personal and spiritual study. Which is exactly the reason students enter: for a deep dive into the Akashic Records like nothing available anywhere else.

Students apply for entry into the first three levels and upon successful completion have the option to enter the fourth level of ZENITH. There are also viable upgrade paths from either Akashic Records Workshop into ZENITH.

The four levels of ZENITH are:

Level One: How to Open Your Akashic Records in Forty Lessons

Level Two: How to Open the Akashic Records for Other in Forty Lessons

Level Three: Advanced Learning in the Akashic Records

Level Four: Akashic Origins

For those wanting to experience ZENITH one-on-one with Cheryl, there is the ZENITH Intensive.

Students who complete ZENITH have the option of Akashic Records Reader Certification or Akashic Records Teacher Certification completed one-on-one with Cheryl.

Not sure if you are ready to jump into ZENITH?

Maybe the quick-start focus of our Akashic Records Quick-Start Workshop is the way for you to test the waters. In one hour, you learn directly from Cheryl how to open your Akashic Records. To prepare for this private session, you receive a free copy of Open Your Akashic Records to complete the pre-workshop assignment and the post-workshop practice in your Records. Plus there is an upgrade path from this experience to the fullness of ZENITH.

Our Founder, Cheryl Marlene

Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records

Hello! I am Cheryl Marlene.

Starting a school especially about the Akashic Records is truly something I never thought I would do. However, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned in my life’s journey and helping others to learn is a natural extension of this path.

I began with one small group gathered around my dining room table. Before I knew it, I was sharing with folks around the world. Really the school found me doing what I enjoy and wouldn’t let me do or be otherwise.

You can learn more about me here: About Cheryl.

If you’d like to talk about becoming a student with me, follow this link to schedule a 15-minute chat: https://cherylmarlene.as.me/Connect15

The School’s Unique Content

From the beginning, I realized my experience and understanding of the Akashic Records was different. Then the Akashic Records stepped in and showed me a way to innovate this ancient spiritual practice into a modern experience of energy from the soul’s perspective.

I have had people tell me I am flat out wrong.

Though many, many, many more around the world have found that this unique perspective opens the doors to a truly comprehensive, intensive, personal, and transformative experience not only of the Akashic Records — but more importantly of who they truly are and who they can become through mastery of personal power and physical-spiritual integration.

If you’d like to stick to the book in a heavenly library metaphor, there are lots of teachers out there with that perspective.

But, that’s not what you’ll find here in this School and with me as your teacher. I don’t shy away from the real, the difficult, or the raw. I find joy in the journey and the learning that is always there available for us all.


What are the Akashic Records?

Not a book. Not a library. Not a thing to open.

For you, the Akashic Records are available, here, now as:

  • A process of deep soul-oriented spiritual study
  • An intentional experience of divine knowing
  • A connection with the universal mysteries, the roots of ancient wisdom, and as the foundation for future exploration
  • A spiritual practice of personal power

To learn more about my unique understanding of the energy of the Akashic Records,
I have created this article especially for prospective students: Akashic Records: A New View.

Our School’s Organization

Learning to work with the Akashic Records can be both intimidating and transformative. As a student, if you are caught in either one of these experiences you can find yourself very easily caught in mistrust and doubt, in anger and bewilderment.

Taking on the Akashic Records as spiritual practice means that you will have to come to terms with yourself spiritually — meaning that you will need to do your personal work, letting go of whatever no longer serves you including past trauma, outdated beliefs, and erroneous notions.

When you open your journey to this type of learning experience, you need a place to go for guidance. You need someone you trust to help you make sense of your experience. You need a teacher who has been there and done that. You need to learn up close and personal.

All the workshops and courses and learning programs have this personal component: direct, in-person, contact with Cheryl.

In some fashion or another, as a student you will have direct contact with Cheryl. Whether it is the Master Classes in ZENITH or the Akashic Records Workshops, or Private Study, Cheryl is there for you to talk with in real time. Questions and concerns can be raised during the class so that you can get an immediate and direct response. (And she is not too bad in responding quickly to email.) Plus you can always get 15 minutes with her for quick responses and personal direction.

Thus, all workshops and Master Classes are with Cheryl via Zoom. There is also a private student website which contains all course material. Plus most program options include free digital copies of her award-winning books.

All of my seminars, workshops, classes, and events (in addition to any one-one-one interaction) are governed by my Terms of Service and Client Information.

Before registering, I request that you read the Terms of Service and make certain you agree.

Registering for any workshop, class, or event with me is your way of indicating to me that you agree to abide by these Terms of Service.