The Akashic Records and Self-Trust

Self-trust is your path to hearing your truth.

Hearing and recognizing your truth reinforces your ability to trust.


Trust leads to truth leads to trust . . .

in a continual spiral path of opening, discovery, and integration.


Learning to open your Akashic Records is a spiritual practice which helps you develop trust in yourself.

As self-trust deepens, your ability to hear and understand the truth of who you are, and can become, expands.

Envision a lotus blossom, rising in trust from the pond’s muck to reveal the luminous essence of truth.

Learning to open your Akashic Records is lotus-like: a beautiful, revelatory process of self-illumination.

Learning the process of opening your Akashic Records can be done in sixty minutes.

Learning to trust yourself within your connection with your Akashic Records is an unfolding, progressive process of self-discovery lasting a lifetime.

Begin where you are now, ready to learn and journey, allowing the illumination of you to light your path.



This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Open Your Akashic Records.


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