Speaker of Truth

As a Reader, you are a speaker of truth.

What is truth?

Often the perception of truth is one which is fixed—carved in stone—and thus, immutable.

Within the static view, truth needs to be nailed down because in its fixed perspective, for any one question, there is only one truthful answer.

Many come to a Reading to get truth, particularly in a provable form.

The idea is that for a question asked, time, obtainable information, or experience should prove the validity of the response from the Records.

In the static view, truth is an outside-of-self experience, validated by outside sources.

Within the dynamic view, motion in the Akashic Records begins with awareness of the present moment.

Truth emerges in this moment as the infinite and eternal expression of your soul.

The essence of soul is growth, learning, and expansion.

At the soul level there is naught but shift, change, and emergence.

In each moment, your soul expresses truth and, though there is always balance, where truth is, from moment to moment, also shifts and thus appears differently from moment to moment.

This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Open the Akashic Records for Other.


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