The Quiet Balance of Self-Worth

No matter the perspective, worthiness is the foundation of any Akashic Record Reading.

In accepting your worth, the need to measure up falls away.

The worry of being special also fades because you are no longer concerned with outside validation.

In the balance of self, authenticity is the guide and needs neither self-diminishment nor self-aggrandizement.

Worth is the simple acceptance of self, just as you are.

In the quiet balance of self-worth, providing an Akashic Record Reading to another becomes a flow, freely extended without need to be praised.

You receive and transmit the flow.

Other receives, processes, and chooses for self within the discovery presented by the Akashic flow of soul energy.

This is an excerpt from Cheryl’s book, Open the Akashic Records for Other.

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Headshot of Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records

Cheryl Marlene, the world’s authority on the Akashic Records, is a mystic who is unafraid of the tough, the raw, and the real aspects of doing deep work. She conducts Akashic Record Readings and teaches students to access the Akashic Records through her signature Akashic Records Masterclass. In the field of consciousness, she is known as a futurist, innovator, and master teacher who delivers life-changing lessons with warmth and humor. Her exploration takes her to the cutting edge: bringing the future to you today, to help prepare you for what you will need tomorrow.