Are We Returning to the Time of the Ancient Wisdom of Atlantis?

Are We Returning to the Time of the Ancient Wisdom of Atlantis?: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

 Is this change that we are feeling like a return to Atlantis or the time of mystery schools or paganism, sort of swinging back around to the knowledge we had, or is it a new version like 3.0?

So what they would say about that is that it’s both and more, in the sense that part of it is the shift in agreements, so we’re shifting from a body-mind emphasis over heart and soul to a physical-spiritual being that’s integrated, body, mind, heart, and soul.

There are ways in which that kind of integration is very much like what we think of as Atlantan, or like the ideas of the mystery schools, because there’s a way in which this is pulling forward what the Records refer to as the ancient wisdom that existed before the shift that we went through, let’s say 3000 years ago. So that means that we’re learning to integrate all of this into a place that our minds haven’t had the capacity to comprehend in the way that we’re able to do right now.

It’s been a minimum of 10,000 years on the planet since we had this kind of capacity, because part of the point of the last 3000 years was to develop our mental capacity. So now we’re integrating our mental capacity with a spiritual capacity, bringing in ancient wisdom and moving in the direction where we learn to love without fear.

Literally try to imagine what it would be like if you had no fear in your life about anything. How would your life be different? It is hard to really understand exactly what that could mean, because there are all kinds of things, both reasonable and unreasonable, that we worry about, we’re afraid of. And this is not so much that fear goes away, it’s that we become competent and trusting in ourselves to deal with whatever comes up. The place that we’re at right now is learning and trusting that no matter what, we’re going to be okay. Because that’s how you move out of the push of, I must survive.

You move into thrive because you are able to say to yourself, whatever happens, I’m going to be okay, I’ll be able to work it out. Not to say that bad things don’t happen anymore, but it’s about how you respond as opposed to reacting to something that you think you have to run away from. It’s being able to look it in the eye and say I’m going to choose my life for myself. You try to scare me however you damn well please. But I’m still going to make the choice for me. So then it’s a matter of what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.

Participant observes: It makes me think that our society structure, especially Western society, is going to change completely. I feel there’s going to be a shift from people working nine to five Monday to Friday

The Founders continue:

There is going to be a shift and part of it is that as we shift into a place that is less fearful for ourselves, whatever that may look like, we come to a place where we feel confident to make choices for how we live our lives. We move away from feeling the only choice we have here is for survival, and move towards a choice of how to live our lives with a sense that I am thriving.

The Founders continue:

Also what they want me to say is, when we talk about fear 100 years from now, there won’t be as many people on the planet as there are right now.

Participant: Is that like a depopulation? Is that coming in a healthy way? Because in Canada right now, the leading cause of death is assisted suicide. So are things just different in a nice way?

The Founders continue:

So what they’re saying is that they’re not trying to scare us. But part of it will probably involve at least one if not more pandemics, especially in the next 10 to 15 years. And part of it is that there’s going to be an awful lot of souls that aren’t going to need to come to Earth, so there’ll be less of a push on the birth rate. And it’s also going to mean a reorganization of how humanity lives, so it’s a little more peaceful and there isn’t the same need for a whole lot of people to show up. A lot of people are showing up on the planet to be a part of the shift and 100 years from now, the shift will have been completed so there won’t be the same need. That’s interesting.

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