Ask to Receive


Often when we think of asking for divine assistance, we focus on what we want to ask FOR.? In doing so, we can close down our ability to open, allow and receive.

To get beyond FOR, the challenge is to turn attention to the larger context of ASK.

When seeking divine assistance, Ask to receive.? Without the effort of ASK there is no energy flow created in which divine response can come to you.

ASK means to step up, commit, buy, be clear about intention, move within integrity. ?All of this and more is implied in the essence of ASK.?

To ask you must think and decide what you shall ASK.? To ASK means that you are stepping into and claiming an awareness of self.? In fact to ask means that you are conscious or becoming conscious of what you want to claim or what you want to be aware.

In the process of ASK, you open yourself to allow and receive.? In the process of ASK, you energetically prepare yourself to receive by claiming a place to stand, opening to this place, this claim.?

ASK is of your essence, ASK is the center, the foundation of transmutation.? ASK clears space in that moment for the flow of All That Is to enter to interact, to assist.?

When you ASK you at least in some way are letting go of the solitary, letting go of the energy of I must act alone, I am alone.?

When you ask, you open the door (at least a crack) to allow yourself to receive.? The asking initiates the receiving.? Asking initiates the flow, the motion from the Divine.? Assistance comes from and in the ability to ASK.

Ask to open, allow, receive.? Focus on your journey rather than what you think is the end of the road.


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  1. I love to read your writings. You have an eloquence in your delivery of the symplistic techiques. Thank you for sharing.

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