Autumn: Embrace the Richness of Your Best Self

Autumn: Embrace the Richness of Your Best Self is a powerful book of affirmations and tools to harness the transformative energy of this season!

Autumn: Embrace the Richness of Your Best Self by Cheryl Marlene

The best of times, the worst of times —

Isn’t it time for you to embrace the journey of your Best Self?

When life goes full tilt, Autumn is the time to take a moment to see what your year has delivered.

A season to harvest.

A season to take stock.

With love and appreciation of where you have been and what you have learned.

Then turning attention to the journey ahead.

Autumn: Embrace the Richness of Your Best Self provides a clear path to embrace the joyful harvest of your soul’s bounty.

The embrace of Autumn gathers all experience as bountiful harvest!

This book has thirteen weeks of support to help you move through Autumn with clarity and empowered choice.

Along the way you release what doesn’t serve and embrace new perspectives and new ways of embracing your Best Self.

As Autumn begins, you will also learn how the energy of Autumn fuels personal transformation.

There are questions to ask yourself (or the Akashic Records) to uncover what is holding you back and how you can move forward.

This is not a huge time commitment – maybe ten minutes a day.

Find clear directions and thoughtful prompts to fuel your ability to make this the Autumn of your Best Self!

Time to act!

Autumn: Embrace the Richness of Your Best Self!

Here's this article -- My Best Self: A Declaration and a Commitment

Here’s what is included:

In this book, Autumn: Embrace the Richness of Your Best Self, find a transformative journey into the energy of Autumn.

Begin with a set of questions to ask yourself (or the Akashic Records) to move consciously into the energy of Autumn.

Then, for each of the thirteen weeks of Autumn, are these elements to support your reflection, interaction, and learning.

Weekly Affirmation: one sentence to change your life. The empowering motion of Affirmations come in daily repetition.

Mindful Moment: a short narrative of the energy contained in the week’s affirmation.

Spark Notes: writing prompts to spark your work, contemplation, and reflection.

Weekly Quote: a line of thought to reinforce the week’s learning.

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