Best Affirmations for Blame

Drawing from my experience and my writing, here are four best affirmations for blame.

On Blame

Blame is the energy which holds me in the past.

Blame finds fault either in events, others, myself, or God/Divine Source.

Blame is also a protective mechanism, a shield against trouble.

The problem is how blame tries to deflect responsibility often because of fear and a lack of trust.

Observing what keeps me from the present moment helps to identify

the origins of blame and release the associated trauma and guilt.

Affirmation #1:

Affirmation #1 for Blame

I no longer fear my inner guidance.

When trouble happens and responsibility must be assessed, it’s not unusual to blame myself and mistrust my own inner guidance.

Blame diverts, distracts and divides, leaving me without what I need most: self-trust, especially of my own inner awareness.

Working to re-establish this trust is an important step in releasing blame and its effects in my life.

Today, I release these obstacles and claim:

I no longer fear my inner guidance.

Affirmation #2:


I fully accept responsibility for myself with grace and ease.

Responsibility is a moving target because my life is always in some motion of shift, change, growth, or learning.

No matter where I am in my spiritual growth, it is always good to take stock of my responsibility especially to myself.

I have the tendency to take on what is not mine.

Let go.




Know that my personal transformation occurs in small steps and that self-responsibility is key.

Today I claim:

I fully accept responsibility for myself with grace and ease.

Affirmation #3:


I look in my heart to understand my life.

As a productive, intelligent person, I can be easily distracted trying to figure out everything within the rationality of my mind.

This dominance of my mind can overshadow the importance of my heart and its primary role at the essential core of myself.

I ask my mind to take a step back and allow myself to begin in the warmth and truth of my heart.

With practice, I know I will receive more.

Today I open and understand:

I look in my heart to understand my life.

Affirmation #4:


I forgive myself for forgetting I am divine.

Blame tightly held creates division within.

Over time, this alienation promotes a deep sense of separation, of loneliness.

Blame serves up abandonment.

Overcoming blame requires finding a path across the divide, finding a restoration to wholeness.

Forgiveness freely offered and lovingly claimed provides the bridge to deep healing and full being.

Blame makes me forget.

Forgiveness helps me remember.

Today I am learning release by understanding the transformative power of :

I forgive myself for forgetting I am divine.

To dive deeper into the spiritual practice of affirmations, begin here: What is an Affirmation?

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