Best Affirmations for Trust

Drawing from my experience and my writing, here are four best affirmations for trust.

On Trust

In trust, I am confident.

In trust, I can keep me and my life safe.

In trust, I have faith.

In trust, I feel reliable, worthy of truth.

In trust, I commit to my exploration and growing.

In trust, soul healing is fully me and my life.

Affirmation #1:

Affirmation #1 for Trust

I am no longer willing to underestimate myself.

Without trust, underestimating myself is easy.

Trust creates appropriate boundaries, helping to define when I begin and where I end.

Without boundaries, my sense of self is loose, sloppy, unknowable.

The first step: put an end to overlooking, underestimating all of me.

I no longer tolerate this tendency.

I take this step toward seeing ALL of me.

Today I recognize that:

I am no longer willing to underestimate myself.

Affirmation #2:

I release the pressure of negative self-image.

When I hold a negative image of myself, my truth is belittled, making it hard to feel truth at my center.

Negative beliefs fuel my critical voice and empower the creation of more negativity.

A lifetime of negative choices create pressure to yield to the negativity.

And in this moment, I make the choice to let go, to turn my mind and heart to the positive aspects of me.

No longer life in a pressure cooker.

Instead, a life in the strength of a free-flowing river where I have choice to transform the negative into positive, uplifting support.

Today I make this choice:

I release the pressure of negative self-image.

Affirmation #3:


I listen to my heart.

When I begin to let go of a dominating critical voice, I need a place to turn my attention.

My new focus is my heart.

The advantage is that my heart is my center of trust.

To increase trust, I turn my attention to my heart and listen.

My voice of trust emerges.

Transforming criticism into a flow of support, today I make this choice:

I listen to my heart.

Affirmation #4:


I trust myself without reservation.

As I begin with this affirmation, I will first turn my attention to any feelings of resistance which may appear.

Pushing against a lifetime of not trusting, in this moment, I will allow myself to become aware of why I can’t trust myself fully.

I will allow this process of awareness to help me uncover whatever blocks trust for me.

I will do a happy dance when I feel in alignment!

Today I am learning that:

I trust myself without reservation.

Best Affirmations for Trust is part of a series of available in my book How Can Affirmations Change Your Life?

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