Best Affirmations for Unreasonable Expectations

Drawing from my experience and my writing, here are four best affirmations for unreasonable expectations.

On Unreasonable Expectations

To deal with uncertainty, in the past I have let expectations decide the future so there is no worry or risk.

Yet expectations freeze me in a future that hasn’t happened and distract me from the possibilities in this moment.

Life is about the unexpected and how I choose to respond to the unanticipated.

Affirmation #1:

As I learn, I release unreasonable expectations.

Affirmation #1 for Unreasonable Expectations

The first step away from the control of expectations is to let go of the assumption that I know all or can predict outcomes with 100% certainty.

This motion is not about undervaluing self.

This is a motion away from the sway of arrogance and the inflexibility of ego.

The knee-jerk of this I KNOW is vastly different than the I-Know which comes from the trusted awareness of heart and mind.

I move beyond expectation.

I move beyond the conceited push of I KNOW.

Instead, the opportunity is I LEARN where heart and mind are open to the infinite possibility of this and all moments Now.

Today, I affirm:

As I learn, I release unreasonable expectations.

Affirmation #2:

Affirmation #2

I forgive myself for believing I know all the answers.

To forgive is to acknowledge that now is the time for a different approach, for a different intention, for a different choice.

Being highly productive can lead to a habit of always thinking I know.

In the uncertainty, inherent in any situation, there is always something to know and to learn.

Assuming I know already, shuts me off from learning about the unknown and its possibilities and opportunities.

Trying to protect myself from the unknown closes doors and limits possibility, starting a downward spiral of second-guessing and confusion.

In forgiveness, I step forward, releasing unneeded baggage and erroneous notions.

In this moment, I understand the necessity of:

I forgive myself for believing I know all the answers.

Affirmation #3:

Affirmation #3

I open my heart to the infinite possibility of all life.

In each moment, the possibility of the universe expands.

In each moment, something unknowable becomes knowable and in the next moment becomes something I know.

What I know is always a small fraction of what is knowable and unknowable.

The motion of All That Is, the motion of known, unknown and unknowable happens within the Boundlessness, beyond linear time and space, within the infinite and eternal.

The existence of the unknowable is the existence of possibility beyond all expectation, infinite and eternal.

By turning my awareness to this possibility to know more of the infinite and eternal, I open my path to transformation.

Now and in each moment:

I open my heart to the infinite possibility of all life.

Affirmation #4:

Affirmation #4

I listen to the truth of me in this moment.

Releasing the push and pull of expectation allows heart and mind to uncover possibility.

When focus isn’t toward a pre-defined set of conditions, possibility has room to step forward.

This space also allows my center to offer truth.

My truth in this moment, within infinite possibility.

My job: Listen!


I listen to the truth of me in this moment.

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